12v power supply: What You Need To Know

If you have ever turned on a radio, watched a movie on your laptop, or even turned on an LED light, you have likely used a 12v power supply. These devices are common because they fit many user requirements. You can use it in places with lower voltages than the device would otherwise require. This article will discuss what these kinds of supplies look like and how they work. So that if you ever find one in your home appliance or vehicle repair kit, you’ll know exactly what it does and why it’s there.

What is a 12v power supply?

It is a device that converts AC (alternating current) to DC (direct current). The most common use for 12V power supplies is home and automotive electronics. In simple terms, a 12 VDC (direct current) supply consists of two 6 VDC batteries connected in series. The resulting voltage will be 12 VDC compared to single-battery systems that do not have such connections. It’s also essential because nearly all electronics work better with this type of configuration than others, especially when there is more than one cell inside each battery unit!

12v power supply applications

In electronics, 12V power supplies contain a wide range of applications. They’re common on the road thanks to their ability to power up portable devices with specialized needs. Industrial settings, such as factories and warehouses, use these supplies generally. It can provide power to many different types of electrical devices. These devices include lights, motors, speakers, fans, and displays.

12V power supplies can power signs in sign cabinets that use LED arrays as light sources. LEDs have a low voltage requirement but require a constant current to operate. Ballast in conjunction with an LED array to regulate the current being delivered and thus prevent overheating of the lamp or premature failure of the unit.

Electronic ballast is needed to supply the appropriate amount of current regardless of the local line voltage to illuminate these signs successfully. While the signs around town are not overly sophisticated, they need a small device called an electronic ballast to operate properly. A ballast is a device that regulates the flow of electric current in an electric circuit.

They are also used for other applications where the input voltage varies, such as magnetic levitation trains and fluorescent lamps. The power supply converts one form of energy into another that can be stored or used immediately by your electronic devices.

How does a 12v power supply work?

Using an accessory known as a step-up transformer, auxiliary power supplies can convert low input voltages into higher output currents. For the conversion to take place, it must join three wires together:

  • Primary winding: This wire connects directly to your battery’s positive terminal or DC input circuit.
  • Secondary winding: This wire connects directly to your light string’s negative terminal or AC input circuit.
  • Grounding wire: This wire provides ground path continuity between both windings so that they can conduct electricity properly during operation

The specific voltage that is converted depends on the application. Power supplies are generally rated by their output voltage and maximum continuous output current in amps (a).


These supplies are ideal for applications that require 12V power at a low cost. If you are finding accurate products, then check these products at Alibaba. You will be able to order it in large quantities for your place.

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