Do You Know How High Can Solana Go?

Solana’s delegated proof-of-stake model allows for cheap transactions, which is important for dapps in the gaming space. It has over $10 billion locked onto its blockchain. As finance becomes more decentralized, Solana will reap the benefits. Cryptocurrency experts such as CoinSmart CEO Justin Hartzman and Thomson Reuters futurist Joseph Raczynski have expressed relatively bullish expectations for the cryptocurrency in 2022.

Good Position In The Cryptocurrency Market

The recent bear market wiped out much of Solana’s value, but it still holds a moderate position in the cryptocurrency market. It is expected to drop to around US$130 in the coming weeks, then rally to reach US$300 before the end of 2022. Then, it’s expected to reach the $1000 mark by 2022. Solana’s price could easily reach the $1,000 mark, though that is only a guess. Now , lt is a matter to see that, how high can solana go.

Solana has been in oversold territory since late April, and has faced a few bumps and bruises. A bot attack on the Candy Machine caused Solana’s price to crash. Similarly, Orb bots hit Jupiter and Luna and caused their prices to crash. This means that Solana may rise once more. And if it regains its lower boundary, it may rise even higher than the previous high.

Whether Solana is the next ethereum killer or not, the answer will remain a mystery for now. However, if Solana’s unreliability makes it difficult to use as a network continues to suffer, it will likely remain a niche in the market. In the meantime, solana’s price could continue to rise, but it may not achieve its full potential.

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