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The VIP Music Records is a newcomer to the music business. It is an in-house operation which includes a team of dedicated photographers, videographers, social media and marketing professionals. As a result of the in-house operations, the company can afford to devote the necessary resources to creating and promoting the best songs in the business. In fact, the company has struck a deal with Sony Music’s distribution arm to distribute the content. Besides producing and distributing the latest in electronic dance music, the record label also handles the lion’s share of the songwriting. This is a feat in its own right, considering that the label was founded in 2009.

Having said that, VIP’s claim to fame is a multi-pronged approach to music creation. From the music production and curation to the marketing, promotion and marketing, VIP is an end-to-end solution for artists and labels looking to get the most out of their budget. For instance, it has a partnership with the Universal Music Group and offers a downloadable library of royalty-free music to fans. Additionally, it has a dedicated social media department tasked with keeping the label’s followers engaged. Furthermore, it is also the first record label to offer an official, remastered and remixed version of the hottest songs in the industry. Aside from the aforementioned music catalogue, VIP Music Records is partnered with Gravity Motion Pictures to produce videos for some of the label’s biggest names, including Trippie Redd and Dwayne o’Brown.

Although the name may suggest that it’s a purely software based venture, it’s actually a collaboration between the label and 7digital France, a company which has been developing innovative digital services for the French government since 2010. Using the talents of French and Belgian developers, the resulting service is available in 28 languages across the globe. In addition to the usual schtick, the label is also known for promoting a slew of exciting newcomers, including enigmatic reggae artiste Stylez, rapper Yung Joc, and hip hop stalwarts such as rap’s DJ Khaled and singer-songwriter Lil Eddie. Among the label’s many notable accomplishments, it has forged the largest distribution deal in the music business with Sony Music.

With VIP, the songwriter in you can unleash his creativity with a suite of effects and features that are agnostic to software or hardware. While the label has a proven track record, it is still a young company with a lot of room for growth.

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