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Date: May 24, 2018 18:30:44 EDT From:Look Team Facebookhay Newmanwired kevin raed [email protected]> DATE_LOCATION: Cairo City, Egypt SYNOPSIS: I am the co-founder of Cairobased sylndr raed ventures. We are a social enterprise that aims to build an operating medical science and technology park in Cairo’s central business district. The ecoregion of Cairo is the Nile Delta, so we are fortunate enough to have access to several rich natural resources. Location & Size Our company is located in the heart of Cairo, at mousa kassa al Fahdiyya street (also known as el Katerine) zabaat el Ismail ibn Abd al Rahman mosque. Located in one of the most historically and culturally rich neighborhoods of the city, we provide public transportation, housing, education and healthcare services to its residents. Working with the region has been a challenge for us initially but later we realized that our goals were well-aligned with those of other social enterprises in similar situations around the world. In this blog post I’ll highlight our history and recent successes as well as answer some frequently asked questions about our operations. What’s unique about us? Cairo based syndr raed ventures was founded by four PhD students from Emory University in Atlanta who started an organization called Exercisebitology in 2016 to help people lose weight by controlling their stress level

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