Most Recognized Signs Of An Impending Divorce

According to statistics, 50% of marriages end in divorce in Huntsville. Therefore, it is not difficult for marriage therapists to recognize the signs of a divorce. While one divorce is different from the other, and separations happen for various reasons, the signs are the same for many. 

If your marriage is going through a rough patch, you might be worried about it ending in a divorce. When you get married to the love of your life, you desire to remain married for the rest of your life. Therefore, it is best to work and learn about these predictors. If you do decide to get a divorce, a Huntsville divorce lawyer can help you get started. 

Most recognized signs of an impending divorce 

  • Attacking the person, not the behavior. 

When you feel hurt about something your spouse has done, you should criticize the act, not the person. Usually, what people do is criticize the person, blame their entire personality and imply that something is wrong with them. 

Generalizations may indicate this behavior, such as “you always…” and “you never…”. This makes the other person feel attacked and defend themselves. Therefore, it is important to be specific about your complaint and avoid generalizing it. 

  • You have abrupt and harsh conversations with them. 

During the first few months of your marriage, you and your spouse are in the honeymoon phase. You two might always speak sweetly to each other and never get angry even when someone is at fault. However, this changes when the honeymoon phase ends. The phase is meant to end for every couple, but that does not mean you cannot maintain a healthy relationship with them. 

If your conversations start and end in harsh tones, it is a big sign that you are tired of each. When spouses are cold to each other most of the time, the marriage seems loveless. 

  • Feeling or expressing contempt toward your spouse. 

When you feel contempt towards someone, you think they are beneath your consideration. It is a sign of contempt when spouses start calling each other disrespectful names, roll their eyes, and throw hurtful sarcasm or humor. 

This is a very unhealthy practice in a marriage and a significant sign of an impending divorce. It can psychologically harm your spouse and end your marriage before you know it. 

  • Stonewalling. 

When a person stonewalls another person, they refuse to communicate or cooperate with them. It is stonewalling if your spouse is talking with you and you do not respond. Throwing hands or folding arms are body languages that are considered stonewalling. 

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