Sci-Fi movies: a journey through time

The human imagination is relatively limitless. There’s almost no end to what the human mind is capable of. Science fiction is one of the most innovative products of the human brain. The entire genre is focused on creating a picture of futuristic earth with elite class technological advancements. There are several sub-genres within this category, i.e., dystopia.

Since the emergence of media and movies, sci-fi has been one of the main genres brought into life on the screen. With today’s technology, it is not hard to ดูหนัง with the click of a button!

The first sci-fi movies

Sci-fi movies have been one of the few genres that were observed during the pioneer eras of cinema. The first sci-fi movies depict very much reality today, more than a hundred years after the first movies came to life.

These films were silent, short recordings timed from 1-2 minutes, and showed space travel scenes to the moon. The first of these was seen in a French film about traveling to the moon.

This film was the pioneer of the production of sci-fi films. In addition, early sci-fi literature was adapted into film versions, which further gave rise to the genre’s popularity.

The growth of the genre

With the emergence of sound technology, sci-fi movies continued to grow. This genre was always a bit demanding on the special effects side since its start; hence sound helped bring out the quality of the product.

This era was also subject to the expansion of the plot variety. Plots ranged from the initial space travel to mad scientists to even alien invasions. Over time with the war, concepts more familiar to the audience like nuclear weaponry became utilized.

Space adventure themes and breakthrough

The genre continued to refine itself in every aspect over the years. After the 1960s, drastic improvements were made to special effects, and plots became more intricate with the capacity to make longer movies.

This was with the iconic film 2001: A Space Odyssey. This film promoted the use of larger budgets and quality improvements to CGI and special effects.

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Perhaps the most remarkable breakthrough in the genre is the emergence of superhero movies like Superman and Star Wars. Both are set in space and portray high-tech equipment and superhuman powers, and are considered the most popular films of the genre today. This resulted in an extension of the franchises, which had a massive positive impact on the overall popularity of the genre.

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