The 188bet 2022 guide

188bet was established in 2006 and is owned by dice confined, a company based on the isle of man and licensed by the island’s gambling oversight authority. 188bet may be highly well-liked in asia, but it also welcomes bettors from all around the world.

After fees are taken into account, 188bet asserts that their odds are 20% higher than those offered by a median with a bet change.

The official sponsor of the wigan warriors rugby league team is 188bet. In addition to offering wagers on sports, 188bet also offers wagers on online casinos, poker, bingo, and financial markets.

Interaction and benefit

You can select your location and the particular language at 188bet based only on that. There will be some asian languages and english on the website. 188bet also serves as a news website where you can read up-to-date news and crucial information about poker, e-sports, and contemporary entertainment. 

The design is fairly straightforward; the bet slip is located to the right, and there are two sliding menus on the left and in the middle.

The center menu is white, but the historical past tone is dark grey. If we were to sum up 188bet’s design in a single word, we would choose the simplicity and capability of the words. The website offers both a global and an asian perspective.

Esports wagering offers

The majority of 188bet’s more than 20 betting categories are normal sports, but you may also bet on unique events, the economy, and politics. The modifications can be shown in hong kong, malaysia, indonesia, or europe (decimal).

After selecting esports, you can choose to view only outfits from one tournament, filter them by time, and put a competition to your list of favorites so you may access it again via a shortcut.

Dota 2, league of legends, cs: move, starcraft ii, hearthstone, and heroes of the hurricane are the esports games that 188bet offers, although other games may also be offered based on their level of popularity. 

Similar to suit-winner markets, there are a variety of other feasible bets as well. Depending on the popularity and notoriety of the game in question, there may be up to fifteen markets per sport.

For instance, if a dota 2 match is played in a best-of-three style, you can place bets on the outcome, the total number of rounds, and, if you want to spice things up, even more, a handicap wager.

Additionally, you can wager on the outcomes of each individual round, which team will draw first blood, which team will be the first to score 10 kills and even the length of the game overall or individual rounds.

There is obviously a tonne of alternatives available when it comes to esports markets, and you can also place outright bets to fit placing a wager. An unabashed guess is typically a bet on the overall outcome of a game, i.e., which team will win the competition.

Simply clicking on the percentages adds picks to the wager slip. If you submit many options, it’s possible that one of them won’t work with the other selected options, for example.

On that mixture, you couldn’t region a multiple; the non-competitive pick is indicated in red. You may have access to more wager combinations as you add more combinations. Esports games can be played alongside conventional sports.

In-game wagering

There is a “in-play” button on the esports betting page that, when clicked, displays all active events that are open to wagering. While pre-match betting has many similarities to in-play betting, in-play betting is significantly more dynamic and requires immediate action because the odds may change or the option may even become suspended and no longer be available.

Mobile betting

There is a mobile version of the 188bet website. If you’d like, you may test it out on your computer, and if you open the website on a mobile browser, you’ll often be sent to the mobile version of the website.

The mobile version of the betting website is essentially a mobile-optimized version of the desktop one, and if you log in using the same username and password, you will have access to the same services that are ordinarily offered.

Rules and odds

188bet does not presently offer any esports that have bet bonuses or promotions, or any bonuses or promotions that may be used to count the bets. Although this bookmaker has in the past offered various bonuses to all new customers, the competitive odds continue to be the main reason why many bettors choose to sign up with 188bet.

The rules for placing bets on esports at 188BET are specific, and each type of esports wager is detailed in the faq section under a specific question. You can avoid any uncertainty or misunderstandings thanks to the rules’ modern simplicity.

For instance, all bets may be worthless if the healthy format differs from the only one that is indexed on the website.

Price tactics

Your country of residence and preferred currency will determine the range of payment options that are accessible to you. Euro, pounds sterling, us dollars, and many different asian currencies are all accepted at 188bet.

Visa/mastercard deposits, as well as deposits made through skrill, neteller, and entropay, are often used, and for citizens of a select few countries, direct bank transfers are also an option.

When using neteller or skrill, the minimum deposit is €10 (or £10 or $10), however, using a credit card or entropay requires a minimum deposit of €20 (or £20 or $20). You can deposit as much as €50,000, £50,000, or $50,000 using skrill.

Most of the time, deposits are handled immediately and without being charged a rate.

Regarding withdrawals, you have a few options: you can use skrill, your debit or credit card, entropay, as well as international bank transfers and checks.

Except if you want your wins paid out in checks or by a bank transfer, withdrawals are free of charge. In that instance, you will be charged $25 per check or transaction.

When using skrill, the minimum withdrawal is just €1/£1/$1, whereas when using a card, it is €5/£5/$5. Entropay and credit card payments take one to three days to process, but skrill withdrawals are finished in about two hours.

Bet Types at 188BET

When you visit the 188BET website, it will become evident to you why signing up there is such a fantastic decision. You will no doubt be astounded by the variety of bets you can place there. The variety of wagers that can be placed has dramatically increased in recent years.

The one that is easiest to understand is a single win wager. You simply place a wager on a single event in this scenario, such as Liverpool winning the Champions League. You just need to choose how much you want to wager after seeing the odds. You will receive both your stake and your earnings if the wager is successful.

On this platform, accumulator wagers are highly well-liked. You can place a double bet by picking two outcomes. It can be quite profitable because the winnings from the first selection will be carried over to the second.

Although they don’t necessarily have to be win or each-way bets, you can keep making picks. A system bet, which accepts many options, is fairly common. A patent, for instance, has three selections but seven wagers. A Lucky 15 contains four options and, as you would have figured, includes 15 bets. The benefit of these bets is that you only need one selection to win for your wager to win money.

One option is to place an each-way single wager. Due to the fact that you must place two bets—a win and a place—it is a little more expensive than placing just one bet. You would receive a payout if Tiger Woods finished in the top four of a golf tournament if you bet each way on him to win, for example (or however many places are offered by the bookmaker).

You can place a tonne more wagers on this website. There are handicaps available, particularly Asian-style ones. In situations where one team is probably going to get an easy win, this form of wager can provide you superior odds.

An option for those who predict the future is ante-post betting. If you like, you can bet on the 2022 World Cup winner and perhaps obtain better odds than you will in the future.

Consumer assistance

188bet offers customer service around-the-clock. Their customer service representatives are reachable by phone, live chat, and email. There are distinct smartphone strains in asia and europe.

On the website, you could quickly activate the live chat feature to speak with a customer service representative. You can find a lot of useful information in the faq section, so it is generally a good idea to check there before contacting customer service.


A betting company based in asia called 188bet also welcomes players from all over the world. When it comes to esports betting, the cheap margins and high-quality issues are its main advantages. It also provides a respectable number of betting markets.

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