Ways To Celebrate Employee Recognition Day

Employee Recognition Day is on the first Friday of March every year, and it is a holiday dedicated to celebrating your employees. This is a time to show your employees how much you appreciate their hard work.

There are many ways to celebrate the team that deserves so much, from gifts and awards to activities and extended lunch breaks. It is best to think of a gift idea or activity that is beneficial to your employees.

Are you ready to show your employees how much you value them as a person and team members? Here are six ways to celebrate Employee Recognition Day.

Provide Customized Awards

One idea is to provide custom trophies and awards to all your employees. There are many companies that personalize trophies and awards with recipient names, company names and achievements. You can surprise each employee with a custom award based on their specific skills. This is a great way to remind your employees that everyone plays an important role on your team. It can also boost the self-esteem of anyone who is not as confident in their skills.

Put Together Gift Bags

Why not put together a small gift bag for each of your employees? You can include their favorite snacks, a coffee mug and a $5 gift card to their favorite store or coffee shop. Other ideas include knick-knacks, keychains, water bottles and stationery. You may even want to add fidget or de-stress items to each gift bag. Of course, you also want to include a “Thank You” note with a personal message for each employee.

Provide Treats or Food

Another idea is to bake some treats for your employees, such as cookies, cupcakes or brownies. You can even provide treat bags for those who want to take leftover goods home. Remember to double-check the allergies and dietary restrictions of your employees, and be sure to keep those restrictions in mind when building your menu. If you would rather steer away from sweets, you can always order a sandwich platter, sides and beverages.

Host A Fun Activity

Everyone needs a break from their routine at times, and you can give your employees a break by scheduling a fun activity. One example is a small party for everyone on your team. It can include pizzas, beverages, board games, music and a photo booth. Now, some employees have personal tasks to take care of after work. Therefore, your party should be held at the end of the workday to allow those with after-work commitments to join in on the fun.

Extended Lunch Break

It is no secret that lunch goes by quickly for many employees, especially when they are swamped with tasks or have been at work for several hours. You can provide your employees with more time to recharge by extending their lunch break. Even an extra 30 minutes can make a difference to someone who has been working all day. This way, your employees have more time to call home, go for a walk or visit a nearby restaurant.

Give Them A Half Day

A great way to celebrate Employee Recognition Day is to give your employees a half-day off work. One idea is to ask everyone when you should plan a company-wide half-day. This way, your employees have more time to recharge and take care of their personal lives. You can even schedule a half-day before every holiday or long weekend to show your employees you care about their work-life balance.

If you have any remote employees on your team, you can host a virtual event and have their awards delivered to their homes. You may also want to extend the invitation to remote workers who wish to attend a special event or activity in person.

It is also important to get to know your employees before Employee Recognition Day. This way, you can surprise each employee with a gift or activity that is just right for them. It also shows each employee that you care about who they are as a person.

Whether you want to surprise them with a custom award, a fun activity or an extended lunch break, you can easily find a way to celebrate Employee Recognition Day with your hardworking team.

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