3 Types of Employee Benefits Packages That Motivate Staff

As any business expert knows, a motivated workforce is a productive one. There is a direct correlation between worker engagement and how they approach their tasks. Highly motivated staff are far more likely to give every project their full attention and complete them to the highest possible level. Conversely, a workforce that is demotivated or does not align itself with the company’s mission or values is one that will not work to a high level of productivity and may have higher levels of staff turnover.

Today, in 2023, millions of employers are starting to understand the value that comprehensive employee benefits packages can have on the motivation of their staff. They recognize that offering a staff member a competitive salary is not enough to get the best output from them, and additional benefits need to be considered.

In this article, three distinct types of employee benefits will be explored. Each has the potential to cultivate improved levels of motivation in the workforce and helps to create a satisfied and productive employee base.

Healthcare benefits

All employers should recognize that a healthy workforce is one that will benefit the organization in terms of lower levels of sickness absence and extended leave due to illness. It is estimated that approximately 7.6% of an employee’s total working days each year are lost to sickness. This represents a significant cost to any business in terms of delays to work and the need to provide additional temporary staff to cover extended absences. It should also be recognized that employees value being in good health and having suitable levels of cover for their healthcare needs. Businesses can provide forms of healthcare cover or insurance as part of an employee benefits package and should also look to roll out a healthcare benefits card such as those provided by InComm which helps staff to plan for their healthcare needs.

Allowing extended leave for travel

Many staff members are motivated by the thought of being able to travel the world or take part in charity projects that seek to improve the lives of people in developing countries. However, in the past, this has not been possible due to the need to hold down a permanent job and often could only be achieved by leaving employment. Today, an increasing number of employers are recognizing the value of offering their staff the opportunity to take extended leave to fulfill their life goals and aspirations. This can form part of an employee benefits package and demonstrates to the employee that the organization recognizes the need for staff to achieve personal goals outside their career.

Remote working opportunities

The ongoing covid-19 pandemic has demonstrated that remote or hybrid models of working can allow a business to keep operating effectively in challenging circumstances without the loss of business continuity. Today, many of the restrictions that were imposed on the public to slow the spread of the virus have ended, but staff still want to benefit from remote working opportunities. This can allow them to gain greater control over their work/life balance and can lead to increased motivation because of the improved flexibility in undertaking the working week. Employers should offer staff the opportunity for remote working and recognize the value this has for both the employee and the business.

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