5 things to consider while buying a lace front wig

Lace front wigs give the most natural look to your face considering the options available on the market. The sheer lace in the front of the wig blends so smoothly with your skin colour that this transition becomes indistinguishable. Moreover, the faux baby hair used in the lace front wig makes it one of its kind.

But before buying a lace front wig, you should keep in mind certain factors to make the best use of your money. 

Size and Construction of the lace front wig

Heads have different sizes, and wig size is the key to your wig installation. If it does not fit correctly, you may feel tightness in your head or a constant feel of the wig slipping. 

In addition to this, you have the option to choose a 13×6’ or 13×4’. You may choose a 13×4’ according to your requirements, which allows you to make a long deep natural parting, or a 13×6’ lace front wig, which allows you to freely change your parting. 

Lace Material and Colour

Lace front wigs come in different varieties ranging from standard lace to HD lace. There are some striking differences in their quality and appearance. In the same way, the illusion of the lace is lost if you pick the wrong lace colour. Lace comes in 2 options: Translucent and Brown.

If you have lighter skin, translucent is better for you as it can blend easily with the foundation or makeup you apply. The brown colour is better if you have a deeper skin tone as it can blend with it smoothly.

Human vs. Synthetic Hair

You can buy a lace front wig made with natural hair to achieve the most natural look and feel. Real hair wigs offer you the versatility to style your hair however you want and provide excellent durability, which can last for over a year if properly maintained. With these many benefits, natural hair wigs can be costly.

On the other hand, synthetic hair wigs can still look and feel the same as human hair. However, there can be significant differences between brands, so try to buy one made of high-quality materials. Also, styling options are limited with synthetic wigs.

The shape of your face

The shape of your face plays a vital role while selecting anything for your face or head and lace front wigs are no exceptions. You should choose a lace front wig that complements your face shape. Whether your face shape is oval, heart-shaped, square, oblong or round, there is always a lace front wig to meet your requirement. You should ask your lace front wig consultant for the best lace frontal wig to compliment your face shape. You can also follow different magazines to have an idea about the latest designs. 

Wear and Tear

As we have stated earlier, you should choose a quality lace front wig as it directly affects the durability of your wig. The life of your wig depends on how often you wear it and the care you take to preserve it. A quality lace front wig can last from 3-12 months if appropriately maintained because as time passes, the hair becomes more entangled.

It is advisable to own 2 or more lace front wigs to reduce the wear and tear effect that happens from wearing one wig all the time.

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