Can You Date Someone During Divorce?

Marriage and divorce are two opposite procedures. By this, we mean getting married is easier and quicker, but getting a divorce can be lengthy. For instance, you can get married by the evening, but divorce can take months to be finalized. It is no surprise that people are emotionally done way before deciding to go separate ways which means a partner may have lost the feelings for their spouse months before deciding on divorce. 

During the divorce, there are chances that a partner decides to move on in their life and date someone else while they are legally married (since the procedure is ongoing, both the partners are still legally married). According to the law, it is not illegal to date someone. However, it may have some consequences on your divorce procedure. 

It is advisable to speak to a divorce attorney Westport ct to know your options and how you can protect your divorce without affecting your dating life. 

Dating someone during the divorce can be hard on your children. 

Divorce alone is difficult to accept for children, especially when they are minors. Adjusting to seeing their parents get separated can be emotionally daunting for the children. In addition, if you bring a new partner, children are unlikely to make it difficult to understand and adjust to the change of seeing someone else around. Therefore, to ensure your children do not get affected, you may decide to keep it private. 

It can increase the conflict between you and your ex.

Since the divorce is still undergoing, it would be better to put a pause on your dating life. Often, your ex may not be happy to see you dating someone else during the divorce since you are legally married still. This can increase the conflict between you and your ex, leading to a contested divorce. Moreover, there are chances that your ex-spouse switches to revenge or aggression, making it difficult for other crucial factors in your divorce. 

It gives rise to financial issues. 

During the division of assets, your partner may claim that you are trying to give your asset to your new partner to avoid equal distribution. The court may consider the argument and may result in unwanted situations. Therefore, if you still decide to date during the divorce, make it clear in writing about the assets you own so that bringing someone else does not give rise to financial issues. 

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