Child Custody- Reasons for the Conflicts and Ways to Avoid Them

One of the most common conflicts of a divorce is child custody. This conflict occurs between parents due to the disagreement about who will look after the children, where they will live and who will bear their expenses.  In most divorce cases, parents never stop arguing on these issues and have to seek legal assistance. They should contact an Ottawa Family Lawyer who can show them the right path as per the state’s family laws. Some of the reasons for the conflicts of child custody are mentioned below:

Financial concerns

Every parent is concerned about the expenses that go into raising a child. There might be a lot of them and this is the major cause of concern for parents. The basic support for children offered by the state may be limited and does not cover all the expenses. The court may look at several factors before child custody is assigned to any of them. The financial support should be enough for children and an attorney can guide parents in a better manner.

With whom children will stay 

Another reason for the conflict is the physical custody of the children. Both parents want to stay with their children. However, the court may consider the financial standing of parents and give the final verdict in the favor of the one with stronger financial condition. The good news for another partner is that he or she can get the time to spend with his or her children. The laws ensure that both parents get ample time with their kids.

Marrying with new partners

In many cases, when any of the partners gets married or starts living with another partner, things may get more complicated. Even the children find it difficult to live with the new parent. The partners may blame each other for not looking after the children properly. It may affect the mental state of children in an adverse manner. The new partner may also be blamed for misbehaving and abusing the children, which can make things worse.

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Discussing various issues

Child custody cases have to deal with a number of issues such as education, medical assistance and others. To make the decision in the best manner, both partners have to agree on the same solution.

To resolve the child custody case, you need to hire the best attorney who can make a great difference in winning the case. 

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