Choosing an immigration lawyer in Queens: Top tips

Regardless of the type of immigration issue at hand, it makes no sense to deal with everything on your own. Yes, there is considerable information on immigration laws, regulations, and norms online, but unless you are an expert, you would be taking a chance that is likely to hurt you in the long run. Whether it is about sorting issues like choosing the right visa type or dealing with immigration hearings, you need an attorney on your side. In this post, we are sharing some key details about finding the right immigration lawyer in queens.

  1. Make a list. You need a list of at least four to five lawyers or law firms that are locally based in Queens and are available. You can always ask around for references, but if that’s not an option, check online directories. If someone you know has worked with an immigration lawyer in the recent past, get the details.
  2. Experience matters. Just like you wouldn’t hire any random lawyer but a family law expert for your divorce, the same is true for immigration matters. Find an attorney who specializes in immigration matters, and don’t shy away from discussing their work profile. Ask about the cases they typically deal with.
  3. Look beyond applications. While immigration lawyers are responsible for helping people through the application process, it is best to hire someone who specializes in other things too. The lawyer should be able to present you at a hearing when needed and must have worked with clients facing deportation.
  4. Check reviews. What are clients saying about an immigration lawyer? Online reviews and testimonials can be handy for comparing your choices. Also, you can consider checking the credentials of the law firm and if they have a reliable team to deal with your immigration concerns. Many lawyers may sometimes collaborate on the same case.
  5. Meet the lawyer. Schedule a phone call or interview with the attorney and talk to them, preferably in person. You need to know whether you feel comfortable around them and whether they have the right attitude. For instance, if an immigration lawyer doesn’t want to discuss your questions or likes to use too much legal jargon to avoid explaining, they are probably not the best choice.

Even though hiring an immigration lawyer adds to your costs, you need to consider their expertise and experience as advantages for your case. Don’t assume you can do it all alone.

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