Cool Tools For Students

“Tech gives the quietest students a voice.”

This quote by Jerry Blumengarten, the author, explains how technology can be transformational for even the most introverted kids. It gives them a voice to represent themself in front of others. 

We are living in an era where technological advancements are happening every single day. We are moving towards an era of artificial intelligence and human-like robotics. Every field uses technology in some or the other way and it helps in improving productivity. Using technology in the field of education can prove to be transformational for students and teachers both. 

Here are some cool tools and websites that will be impactful for the students.

  • Evernote

This simple note-taking tool can come in handy for students while taking lectures, having meetings, or whenever they want to jot down something. One can also embed pictures, audio, and receipts in the text. Another amazing feature of Evernote is that it can be integrated with Google Drive and DropBox.

  • Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud-based storage platform, where students can back up their work and data. It can store up to 15GB worth of data for free and it can be audio, videos, files, folders, and anything. It also gives students access to Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, and others to create their documentation online only.

  • PDFSimpli

Students must share their project reports and work in form of PDFs as this is the most reliable file format. They can make changes using an online PDF editor, which also splits, merges PDFs, and perform other operations on PDFs.

  • Microsoft Teams

This is one of the best communication tools that allow students to stay informed, organized, and connected through the medium of voice and video calls. Students can share their work progress on this platform and have meetings.

  • TED

Students often need motivation and inspiration to achieve their goals. TED is a platform where students can watch motivational videos by different speakers on a plethora of topics. This website is a knowledge tank for all age groups and can help you change your entire mindset.


The new-age students are well-versed with technology. It takes them a few minutes to perform any task like converting PDF to Word online, but it is also important to make sure they use the internet for their best interest. The above-mentioned tools will make students’ time and energy efficient to perform their daily scholarly activities. 

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