Datorama – Connect All Your Marketing Data With Ease

If you’re looking for a new marketing solution that’s easy to implement and manage, you’ve probably come across Datorama. The marketing intelligence platform is designed to help marketers connect all their marketing data. With an extensive library of marketing API connectors, Datorama can help you create custom dashboards and reports. With its AI-powered data integration, it’s simple to make campaigns and data more effective. Tableau and Salesforce have integrated natively to provide marketers with a powerful combination of enterprise business intelligence and an enterprise collaboration platform.

The data management platform connects to nearly every marketing technology platform, including video, programmatic advertising, email, social, and CRM. It can also harmonize multiple data sources. Its TotalConnect automation feature helps you ingest, store, and analyze massive amounts of data with ease. It also enables you to set up and deploy AI-driven insights and create shareable reports. With Datorama, you can connect to nearly any platform and get insight from hundreds of thousands of data streams in real-time.

The Datorama platform has a robust API that supports a wide variety of data sources. It also has an extensive set of programmable and standard API connectors for the marketing technology market. The data ingested by Datorama is easily consolidated into real-time reports. Using the AI-driven insights feature, it is possible to make informed decisions based on this data. The solution makes the process of analyzing data easier.

Unlike most other marketing technology platforms, Datorama offers a full spectrum of data types. Its AI capabilities can suggest the relationships between data entities. The company also offers visualization tools that are difficult to duplicate. Tableau and other analytics tools can’t compete with these capabilities. By using a single platform, you can analyze all of your marketing data in a single, integrated platform. You can even run your own analytics using Datorama data and export the results to your own database.

Data is one of the most important aspects of marketing. It is essential to understand the different types of data. A standardized model can help you create meaningful reports. For instance, a database should have more fields than it needs to support every campaign. It should also have the same naming conventions as other applications in the same industry. Another important feature is that it integrates with other services, allowing for integration. In addition to its analytics capabilities, Datorama provides an array of data exporting and importing options.

With Datorama, you can connect to all of your marketing data. Its APIs cover the full spectrum of marketing technology, including display, video, programmatic, email, social, and CRM. The AI-powered AI in Datorama can also harmonise all of these data sources, so you don’t need to manually prepare all your data. In the end, Datorama can help you make informed decisions about your marketing and your customers.

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