Do You Have a Right to Compensation After A Traumatic Brain Injury?

The primary cause of impairment and death in both infants and adults is traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). The number of TBIs reported each year in the U.S. is thought to be around 1.5 million.

According to the severity of the injury and any additional variables that might be present, an average TBI settlement varies. TBI cases normally cost at least $100,000, while settlements are frequently more for these injuries than for other types of injuries. Claims in the millions are not unusually rare.

The nature of expenses incurred also affects how much is paid out. Costs for independent medical consultations, court costs, interview fees, and other customary expenses are only a few.

To maximise settlements and compensation, a reputed Atlanta personal injury law firm can assist with the accident calculations’ short- and long-term effects.

Different Forms of Brain Injury Settlements

Minor, moderate, and severe brain injury settlements are the three basic types. The following is their definition:

  • Concussions are the typical way that a minor brain injury settles. There is typically a full recovery, though recovery times can differ.
  • Lifelong effects are frequently experienced after moderate brain damage settlements. Chronic pain, cognitive problems, mental disorders, and other problems are examples of mild injuries. In this scenario, compensation is typically more than those for lesser injuries.

  • A lifelong disabled individual may be impacted by severe brain injury settlements. The majority of the time, even if a person makes some progress toward recovery, normal function will not return. The significant variations in degrees of disability are acknowledged in these settlements, and compensation is given in accordance.

Following a Traumatic Brain Injury: Actions to Take

You might be eligible for compensation for the suffering you are going through if you recently experienced a TBI. By accumulating proof of past, present, and future losses, an adept TBI lawyer could help you maximise your claim. They could assess the value of your case as a consequence, and they could then battle to win for you the highest potential claim sum.

TBIs are linked to memory loss and other issues that might have a long-term negative impact on daily living.

The short- and long-term severity of traumatic brain injuries varies greatly. Because of this, a large number of accident victims pursue compensation without being aware of or understanding the full extent of their brain injuries.

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