Druva Review – Cloud Platform For Data Management

A private company founded in Sunnyvale, Calif., Druva has raised $328 million in venture funding. The company provides a cloud platform for data management. Using the Druva Cloud Platform, IT administrators can take control of their most important data. Its software-as-a-service offerings give organizations visibility and control over their entire data footprint, helping them unlock the full value of the cloud. Moreover, the Druva Cloud Platform supports AWS Snowball Edge and CloudCache, which reduces costs and provides global deduplication.

Another great feature of Druva is its cloud-native approach. It does not require any additional hardware or software and is 100% cloud-native. The auto-tiering model and global scale-out deduplication reduce bandwidth usage by up to 80%. Unlike other solutions, this platform is based on a consumption-based model that eliminates wasted resources. As a result, customers only pay for the data that they store in the cloud.

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Druva’s cloud-based platform uses a hashing algorithm to store backup metadata in PolarisDB and Amazon DynamoDB. This separates data from metadata, reducing bandwidth and backup time. The system also allows for full indexing and search across all backups. Like other products, Druva has been able to significantly decrease the backup times of its government customers. The Port of New Orleans, for example, was able to reduce its backup time from over 90 minutes to under 30 minutes.

As a data management as a service solution, Druva offers a variety of features. Its data management as a service model includes endpoint data and cloud applications, and it includes archiving, data compliance monitoring, legal hold management, E-discovery, and other enterprise data. Moreover, its scale-out architecture and encryption technologies enable it to run efficiently in the cloud. Further, Druva offers a consumption-based pricing model, allowing for a low monthly subscription for an unlimited number of users.

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The data protection features of Druva are similar to those of other products. Its patented encryption technology reduces data size while reducing data size. With the help of a cloud-based backup solution, the company can reduce its backup time. For instance, the Port of New Orleans was able to decrease backup time from days to less than 30 minutes. In addition to providing cloud-based backup, Druva also offers an advanced hashing mechanism for endpoints and a unified file system.

The data security features of Druva backup have been one of its strongest points. The company uses a proprietary hashing algorithm to separate data from metadata. This allows for full indexing and search. The company also offers a free trial of its cloud backup service. There are no monthly fees for the product, and Druva is completely cloud-native, so it requires no additional hardware or software. You only pay for what you use.

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