Four Tips to Drive Safely in Snow.

The snowfall of Houston can be a blessing in disguise. Blessing for those who love snow but disguise for those who have to drive cars. Driving cars in the snow is not equivalent to driving a vehicle on a concrete road.

Snow being on the road makes the road ten times more slippery and prone to accidents, and even if you are taking all the safety precautions, the other people driving in the snow might not worry about it. Which further leads to car crashes in snow. If you get into a car accident due to someone else’s negligence, it is always advisable that you have a houston car accident attorney

1. Drive smoothly

The trick to driving in snow is to be gentle with your driving which means that you need to be gentle while applying your brakes, taking turns, increasing the throttle, and other driving essentials movements. If you are not gentle while going, this can lead to your tires losing grip on the road and just slipping away from the intended path.

  • Anticipate the path

The slipperier the road is, the more critical it is to anticipate your next move. Take a good glance at the road and pre-plan what you will be doing to ensure that you don’t lose your grip. Take slow turns, and maintain a controllable speed of the car.

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1. Pay detailed attention

If while driving you feel like your car is just skating in one direction, always make sure that you look in the direction where you want to head and then take your action after slowing down the car. One of the explanations why professional drivers are so effective at recuperating from slides is because they know that you nearly always end up where you’re looking.

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2. Stay calm

There will be a moment while driving your car in the snow where your vehicle will start to slide away from the intended direction. In this situation, you do not have to panic either you have to press the brakes. Instead, do the following:

  • For front-wheel: When you feel like your front tires have lost their grip, ease of the accelerator and let the vehicle slow down, and steer the car slowly where you want to go. This will get the traction back.
  • For rear wheel: If you feel like that your rear wheel is skidding away in a specific direction, then you must steer your wheel in that direction itself. For instance, if you feel like your car is skidding towards the right, you must slow down the car and immediately steer towards the extreme right.

Before you get your car out, make sure that you are well aware of what you should do if things go wrong. Do not panic first of all, and try using the methods mentioned above.

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