Friendly LGBT Addiction Rehab Treatment Centers

In 2001, the US Government released a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Report calling for a comprehensive approach to treating the drug and alcohol addiction needs of the LGBT community. Compared to the general population, members of this specific community are more likely to use drugs and alcohol, have higher levels of substance abuse, are less likely to abstain from drug and alcohol use, and are more likely to continue using substances later in life.

The social stressors experienced by members of the LGBT community have a profound impact on its members’ alcohol and drug abuse. In addition to substance abuse, LGBT community may also struggle with mental health issues stemming from issues such as trauma, discrimination, and sexual health. Environmental and psychological issues must be addressed in drug rehab for LGBT individuals to decrease the risk of continued substance abuse. Issues resolved in gay treatment include isolation, shame and secrecy, discomfort in one’s “own skin,” social prejudice and discrimination, rejection from family, friends, and/or work colleagues, and destructive behavior.

Many times, destructive behaviors have a direct effect on sexual health, and drug or alcohol abuse is seen as a way to escape feelings of shame and guilt about sexual pleasure, decrease inhibitions, enhance sexual pleasure or avoid or numb sexual urges, needs, and/or feelings. An understanding of these unique issues facing LGBT individuals entering a addiction rehab treatment program is crucial for the elimination of substance abuse.

Honesty is a key factor in addiction treatment. The LGBT individual has learned to keep secrets regarding sexuality, which transfers into secrecy in addiction. Entering a rehab treatment program for substance abuse is the first step to being honest with yourself. Rehab treatment staff understands the courage that it takes. They have specifically structured and individualized programs to meet the needs of each individual.

Thus, the LGBT addiction treatment program address underlying issues that have contributed to substance abuse and tailor a relapse prevention program to fit your needs. Positive self-identification, integration and acceptance, depression and anxiety, and sexual health are among some of the issues covered in these rehab programs. Patients receive many hours of direct clinical services every day all through the week. You can find the following things in an LGBT program:

  • Doctors, nurses, and therapists are specifically trained to treat the LGBT community.
  • Medical and clinical assessments evaluating underlying issues, environmental issues, mental health issues, sexual health, and addiction
  • Continuity of care from inpatient detox, to inpatient drug rehab, to residential rehab, to aftercare planning
  • Individual and group therapy utilizing specific modalities for the LGBT community
  • Relapse prevention planning
  • Educational lectures
  • Family and couples counseling addressing addiction issues
  • Licensed nutritionists that manage dietary needs

The staff teaches you how to cope and eliminate self-destructive behaviors by providing you with tools for recovery and freedom from substance abuse. The rehab centers offer support and sensitivity to each individual that enters treatment, understanding the enormous amount of courage it takes to ask for help. Upon discharge from LGBT-friendly addiction treatment, patients will be equipped to reenter their communities with healthier coping skills to decrease the risk of relapse.

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