Hillsville auto accident: Signs that you need a lawyer

No one wants to think about getting injured in a car accident. Sadly, auto accidents are way too common in Virginia. If you ever end up in an on-road mishap in Hillsville, you must consider seeking legal counsel to know your rights and options. In this post, we are sharing the key signs that you need a Hillsville auto accident lawyer

You have sustained a serious injury

If your injuries are like to have life-long consequences, you should consider talking to an attorney. This is more than just about getting a settlement for your medical bills and lost wages. If someone’s fault led to the accident and your injuries, they must be held liable for their action.  

Multiple parties were involved

Many auto accidents in Virginia involve multiple vehicles and parties. For instance, if you sustained injuries in a truck accident, the truck manufacturer or the trucking company could be at fault, instead of the trucker. It all depends on the facts of the case. Also, as per the contributory negligence laws in Virginia, you cannot claim any compensation if you have any role in causing the accident. Given the complications, you should hire an attorney without delay. 

You need to gather evidence and investigate the case

If liability in an auto accident case is disputed, it could largely impact the outcome. In such circumstances, you have to work harder to gather evidence and investigate the case. Get an attorney so that you don’t have to deal with all that and can focus on your recovery. Accident lawyers know what it takes to gather information, and if needed, they may even talk to accident reconstruction experts.

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You have no experience dealing with insurance companies

The insurance company’s initial settlement offer would be less than what you deserve. You have to hire an attorney because they know what it takes to negotiate and get a satisfactory settlement. Also, lawyers can point out bad faith insurance strategies. Always remember that claims adjuster doesn’t have your best interests in mind. They are just doing their job, and it makes no sense to negotiate when you don’t have the experience. 

Finally, if you have received an offer for your auto accident claim and are not happy with the outcome, get an attorney. Lawyers only charge a part of the fee after you win, and therefore, you don’t have to worry about paying an hourly rate.

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