How much do personal injury attorneys charge in Philadelphia?

Did you suffer an injury because of a freak slip-and-fall accident? Are you a victim of nursing home abuse or medical malpractice? Did you endure injuries in a car crash that wasn’t your fault? You could potentially claim compensation for your injuries and losses in Pennsylvania. Personal injury law is intrinsically complex, and winning a lawsuit could involve considerable time, money, and effort. You may wonder if hiring a lawyer is a good idea in such turbulent times. Working with Philadelphia, PA personal injury attorneys can help your case, but what does it cost to seek legal representation? We have an overview below for your help. 

A free evaluation

Numerous law firms in the state offer a free initial consultation for those with a potential personal injury case. In other words, you don’t have to pay anything to meet an attorney to discuss the case. It is okay to feel disgruntled because you have endured an injury, but not all injuries merit a lawsuit. For any personal injury case, evidence is paramount for proving the other party’s fault. Your lawyer can evaluate your circumstances and determine if you have a valid case, and you don’t have to pay a dime for that!

The contingency fee

Most lawyers in Philadelphia ask for a contingency fee for personal injury cases. In such an arrangement, the client agrees to share a part of the settlement (a fixed percentage) with the attorney when they win. The lawyer’s fee may vary on many factors, including their experience and the nature of the personal injury lawsuit, but if you don’t win, you don’t have to pay. The standard range of contingency fees is between 25% and 40%. No matter the value of your settlement, you have to pay the agreed percentage to the lawyer when you get paid. 

Get a lawyer now

As you may have guessed, hiring a personal injury lawyer in Philadelphia doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. In fact, most of the work comes for free until you win. If there are other case expenses, such as investigation costs and talking to experts, your lawyer can pay those for you until you get a settlement. Having an attorney on your side increases your chances of getting a fair settlement by many times. 

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