How to Use the Databricks Platform

With a cloud-native service wrapper around its core tools, Databricks makes Big-Data analytics easier than ever. With thousands of moving parts in the enterprise’s data estate, it can be difficult to extract valuable insights from it. The solution, which will soon be available as a Microsoft Azure service, helps users easily consolidate, manage and integrate multiple data sources, ensuring that they can build a cohesive web of integrated data capabilities.

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The Databricks community edition is free and provides two main roles: a machine learning path and a data exploration workspace. It provides one driver for a single cluster and allows data to be shared across teams. It also supports a Jupyter notebook, which is helpful for collaborating on datasets with different data scientists. But before you decide to upgrade to the paid version, you should learn about how to use the platform’s other features.

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A managed environment provides an easier and faster way to deploy data science solutions. For instance, Databricks clusters divide workload among multiple computers to reduce the processing time for a query. And they’re optimized beyond open-source spark. With the built-in functionality of Databricks, users can use them in any Spark environment. And because they are self-configured, they don’t have to worry about installing any additional software on their own.

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As of August 2017, Databricks is free to use. The community edition comes with two main roles: machine learning and a data engineering path. Both roles can be used within the same cluster. With the community edition, Jupyter notebooks can be shared across teams, and the cluster will need to be installed for the project. And you can use the one driver for free. All in all, it’s a complete solution for your data science needs.

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In addition to a free community edition, you can also choose to purchase a premium subscription. Both editions include their own drivers and provide access to a wide range of data sources. You can also choose the plan that best suits your needs. The community edition is a great option for those who don’t need support and would like to test out Databricks without the costs. Its community edition comes with a 14-day free trial and detailed pricing.

The Databricks platform includes Spark-based analytics and a collaborative workspace. The platform also includes a separate set of components, including Apache Spark. These components help ensure performance and security in Big-Data applications. It also supports Apache Kafka, Azure, and Hadoop Storage. Using the Databricks Workspace and Spark, data scientists can publish data into machine learning and stream analytics. The company’s team is comprised of a variety of technical experts.

Once you’ve downloaded Databricks, you’ll need to set up a workspace. This is the environment where you will use the platform. The Control plane includes the workspace, while the data plane includes the Databricks Runtime. The data-plane is divided into two components – the user and the model. As a result, you can use the platform for any type of data analysis. The only limitations are your imagination and the power of Spark.

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