Is it Legal for Trucks to Use the Left Lane in California?

Semi-trucks, big trucks, and similarly sized vehicles are not permitted to travel in the far left-hand lane in California. Trucks traveling in the left lane are fairly clearly against the law in California. On an undivided roadway with at least two lines of traffic moving in the same direction, commercial vehicles, semi-trucks, large rigs, and vehicles hauling trailers are not permitted to travel in the left lane. Continue reading to learn more about this. 

How Should I Proceed If a Truck is in the Left Lane?

You must drive carefully whenever a truck or other big vehicle is present.

Try to avoid traveling in a truck’s blind area at all times if you see one in the left lane. You can shift to the left lane, pass the semi-truck from a good distance away, and then move back into the right lane if there is a semi-truck on the right and you want to pass it.

Can Damages Be Recovered Following a Truck Accident?

You can receive compensation for losses following a truck mishap, whether in a no-fault or at-fault state.

The only distinction between the two is that in a state where there is no fault, you must submit an insurance claim with your own insurance company, whereas in a state where there is a fault, you must do so with the careless party’s insurance company. The degree of negligence will determine how much compensation is given in an at-fault jurisdiction.

How Should a Truck Accident Be Handled?

Truck regulations and left-lane restrictions are in place to protect the welfare of other drivers on the road.

When a truck driver violates the law, they are perpetrating an offense, and if a mishap happens. As a result, the injured party may sue the trucking business.

  • Compile Evidence

The proof you collect while the accident site is still new can assist in demonstrating the driver’s negligence. Take photos of the crash site, the nearby area, the traffic signals, and any available road signage.

  • Visit a Hospital

You need to wait for emergency services to transport you to a neighboring hospital after compiling all the proof.

  • Speak With a Truck Accident Lawyer

A truck accident attorney can assist you in filing a truck accident injury claim with the insurance company of the person who was at fault for your injuries in order to maximize your possibilities of receiving recompense. Truck accidents can result in serious injuries.

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