Online banking fraud

This term suggests the illegal practice of obtaining someone’s money or assets by getting their banking information through illegal means. The hackers who get involved in this activity have years of experience doing so and know multiple ways of getting access to anyone’s personal information without getting tracked.

How do online banking frauds take place?

Almost everyone these days with a bank account has shifted to online banking because of the convenience it has to offer. You do not have to deal with physical money or have to go to any retailer to make payments. Rather you can make payments and transfer from the ease of your home.

But it is always important to know that with such convenient methods available now, there are always some risks attached to it. The online scammers have taken advantage of this service over time and send fraudulent messages or make fraudulent calls to the online banking users to get access to their account number and the security pin to get access to the money in the bank account.

Moreover, these criminals also sometimes ابتزاز جنسي the users with their personal information and coerce the users into sending out their banking details to them in return for the confidentiality of their private information, most of the times users, who are not that aware, fall victim to these attempts.

How to protect yourself from online banking frauds?

The most common way of doing so is by not opening any email or any link that looks suspicious to you. A bank will never ask for your private details or your pin code over email or phone calls. It is always the hackers that ask for your email to either الابتزاز الالكتروني you or get access to your bank account.

Even if the bank had to ask for your banking information, they always carry a security check to validate whether the bank account owner is speaking to them. Then they generate one-time code and send it to your phone number to keep your data confidential. No bank account would straight up ask for your pin. It is always the hackers that ask you about such personal data.

If you get any suspicious calls or emails asking you for your information, always report and block the caller and the sender. It is also essential to inform your bank of this activity so that they can spread the word to other customers as well and save them from falling a victim to these hackers.

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