Pros and Cons of Hiring Comedians for Corporate Events

There’s nothing like laughter to get people in the mood to pay attention.  Although corporate events can get boring, with proper planning and a good eye for comedians, you can turn this event into one that nobody will forget.

These are the pros and cons of hiring comedians for your next corporate event.  

Pro: Keep Everyone in a Good Mood

Although it’s always good for employees to be able to focus, a little laughter and disruption throughout the event will keep them on their toes.  Hiring a fantastic comedian like Nathan Hurd to really the crowd and get them laughing between items on the itinerary will ensure they’re eager to listen to what’s going on and ready to work through whatever you need of them throughout the event.

Con: Some Humor Can Upset Folks

If you don’t vet your comedians ahead of time, you might accidentally hire someone whose sense of humor doesn’t align with the company or employees.  This can lead to employees getting mad or offended and can lead to a very tense workplace.  Try to interview your comedians ahead of time and watch any acts of theirs you can find online. 

Consider setting up guidelines for their actions, just trying to offer tips that will keep them within your company’s expectations.  

Pro: Ensure People Remember the Event

Sometimes when employees leave corporate events, it’s as if they never happened.  Anything that you said or did is suddenly gone, and all of that time seems like it was wasted.  A comedian can create a lasting impression that ensures your employees will remember what happened: and will be excited to talk about it more. 

When referring to the event in the future, you can reference the comedian and bring up the fantastic act they did, and watch your employees suddenly be able to recall far more than they seemed to before.  

Con: Budgeting and Planning Matter

When hiring entertainment, your events’ budget is going to change.  You might want to invest in a larger budget to ensure you get a comedian you’re interested in or possibly try to put off the event a little longer until the company can afford to pay what they deserve.  

Budgeting is difficult with any event, but if a comedian could really change the dynamic of how your business interacts with one another: it’s a good idea to hire one! 

Pro: Encourage Employees to Interact

Sometimes it can be difficult to establish a team connection in a workplace.  Laughter helps people bond and recognize the similarities between one another, which can help people bond into a team.  Of course, you can’t expect all of your employees to be best friends after one standup routine, but you should expect them to be more relaxed and friendly around each other.

Comedians Are The Perfect Fit For Corporate Events! 

Whether you’re hosting an event to hopefully hire new employees or you’re congratulating employees for a fantastic quarter: comedians know how to bring it all home.  Make sure to hire an awesome comedic pro for your next event! 

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