Quick Tips To Work With A Car Accident Attorney

You have suffered injuries and losses in a traffic accident. If you live in Nevada, which is a tort state, you can seek compensation from the party accountable for the mishap. Typically, the settlement comes from the at-fault party’s insurance company, and therefore, you need to start with filing an insurance claim. Before you do that, consider engaging a Car accident attorney for the case. Injury lawyers don’t ask for a flat fee or an hourly rate for auto accident lawsuits. Instead, they take a contingency fee – a fixed cut of your settlement when you win. If you are working with an accident attorney for the first time, here are some things to remember-

  1. Choose an experienced attorney. Not all personal injury lawyers have expertise in handling auto accident claims. When looking for experience, look at their work profile and ask about the types of cases they usually take. A lawyer may know everything about nursing home abuse injuries but may not have the same insights on a regular car accident claim.
  2. Be honest with your lawyer. Were you partly to blame for the accident? If yes, let your attorney know. No matter how experienced or skilled, an accident attorney can only help you if they know the facts. Eventually, they will investigate the case to figure out what happened. Lying to your lawyer is the worst mistake you can make.
  3. Share what you have. Did you take pictures at the accident scene? Did the police arrive at the scene? If yes, do you have a copy of the police report? Have you written notes about the mishap? All details matter to your accident attorney, and to ensure that they understand the case, hand over everything you have.
  4. Get estimates for other costs. While the lawyer doesn’t want an upfront fee, you would still need to pay for investigation expenses, filing fees, and other costs. Because you wouldn’t want surprises later, it is best to have an estimate. Many accident attorneys agree to pay for these expenditures, which could be a great relief, but clients are expected to repay the same when they get the settlement.
  5. Be specific with the questions. As a client, you should know whether your car accident case is worth fighting for and what you can hope to get in compensation. A skilled accident attorney will ensure that you have realistic expectations from the start.

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