Role Of Police Report in Determining Liability After an Accident

Regardless of how severe the accident is, you must contact the police to investigate the case as well as prepare the report. If you are planning to file an accident claim, this report will act as crucial proof for validating the genuineness of your claim. Make sure to contact a personal injury lawyer to get legal assistance for your case.

Perks of filing a police report after a car crash 

The police report can benefit your claim in the following ways :

  • It helps in the establishment of a Third-Party objective narrative.

The police officers observe the accident from a third-person point of view and try to assess the situation thoroughly. They ensure everyone is safe at the accident scene and investigate the probable cause behind the accident. 

The police officers create an objective report by assessing the possible weather conditions, visibility issues, road conditions, driver impairment, speeding, and other factors that may have caused the crash. The police report also entail the negligent conduct of the driver and aid in the determination of liability for causing the accident.

  • Witness Statements

If your accident is minor, you can collect statements from witnesses and other details on your own. But in instances where the accident is severe and results in the victim’s hospitalization, the police reports come in handy. The victim may be unable to get the witness information due to the severity of the injury.

The police reports contain documentation of testimonies by witnesses that can be used later for determining liability.

  • Traffic Citations

Police reports contain any traffic tickets cited to the drivers involved in it. Violations like speeding, running a red light, tailgating, and distracted driving are mentioned in the assessment done by the law enforcement officers. Documented traffic citations help prove the driver’s negligence and ultimately hold them liable for the accident.

  • Damage

The police report contains a detailed description of the damages caused to the vehicles. This description helps prove the liability of the accident, and the process of seeking compensation gets easier. The type and location of damage done to the vehicle indicate the events before the accident. This determines the driver liable for the accident.

  • Injuries

Often, insurance companies try to deny claims by arguing that the injuries were pre-existing and not caused by the accidents. The police report helps prove the genuineness of your injuries and damages as it contains information about it. It is an official document that the insurance company cannot manipulate. Furthermore, it helps to prove the extent of harm caused by an accident and allows the victim to seek compensation for their sufferings.

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