RS invests in “Specialty Holding” to strengthen the ecosystem and win hemp licenses for cannabis products.

“Those who survive Not the strongest or the smartest but the ones who adapt best to change.” This famous quote is from Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. If asked who represented this sentence well in the business world. One of them must be given to RS Public Company Limited or RS. Because over the past 45 years since RS started doing music business under the leadership of Mr. Surachai Chetchotisak or as we know as Hia Ho. The company is always looking for new business possibilities and expanding into the radio, television business until becoming a leader in the media and entertainment business. But when times change, the world has changed. Not as sweet as before with RS’s DNA that is constantly adapting. and create sustainable business growth make RS never standstill. Looking beyond the CBD kaufen business, No longer attached to the same business.

RS turned to commercial business. Selling health and beauty products, dietary supplements, bird’s nests, modern technology products. or various gadgets that are likely to grow through its platforms like “RS Mall” and “COOLanything.” Television channels eight and radio media via COOLfahrenheit waves, including selling through the online marketplace and modern trade under the strategy Entertainmerce that brings together the existing strengths of the business, such as artist stars, content, media, and storytelling expertise. (Storytelling) to combine with the new products that RS has released in the market.

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If you look at the source of income of RS

  • In 2020, the company will have a revenue of 3,790 million baht, a growth of 5%. with income proportion coming from
  • Commercial business or commerce 63%
  • Media business 30%
  • Music business and others 7%

Today, even though RS has been successful in the commercial CBD kaufen business as intended. But the company hasn’t stopped thinking about adapting. and expand the business continuously. This is another strategy that RS chooses for creating business opportunities is to invest in related businesses, especially the growing megatrend business, to occupy a leadership position in the commercial business together with the strengthening of the overall ecosystem of the company and can compete over competitors such as the trend of care and health care that has been growing recently especially during the Covid-19 situation that makes health products get more attention. This makes the market for dietary supplements and vitamins grow high by 2020, with a market value of more than 25 billion baht. For this reason, RS focuses on selling health and beauty products.

RS Mall is the leading platform, and over 90% of RS Mall’s revenue comes from health products

As a result, during the Covid-19 period in 2020, RS has income from health products of 2.1 billion baht, increasing from 1,800 million baht in the previous year. When seeing this remarkable growth trend RS does not hesitate to look for new investments to create New S-Curve growth and enhance the company’s commercial business. Recently, RS has closed a deal to invest in “Specialty Holding Company” in the proportion of 33% with an investment value of 675 million baht. So what is Specialty Holding Company?

Specialty Holding is an innovative specialist in researching, developing, and producing cosmetics, dietary supplements, and traditional medicine. that has been certified to international standards. It is also a leader in the research and development of innovative products, natural extracts, and Thai herbs, the largest globally. It is undeniable that Thai herbs are another exciting market. By Thai herbal export market, It is gaining popularity both at home and abroad and has a continuous growth rate. Last year, the market value was up to 80,000 million baht.

Therefore, the business of producing extracts from Thai herbs There is a growth rate as well. Specialty Holding has also obtained a license to produce and extract CBD kaufen hemp. It also comprises attractive subsidiaries as follows:

  1. 1.Specialty Natural Products Company Limited

Thai herbal extract manufacturer and products from Thai herbs

  1. Specialty Innovation Company Limited

Researcher and developer for the production of cosmetics, food supplements, and traditional medicine. That has been certified to international standards. It is also a fully integrated manufacturer. from upstream to downstream

  1. Kane Innovation Company Limited

Innovators of package Jing with modern technology from Japan, which has the property of being a flexible packaging, Can be designed and produced in various formats.

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  1. Velnovations Company Limited.

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