Signs That Your Computer or Phone Was Hacked

Just when you think that you have fully equipped and protected your devices from the reach of hackers, the hacker is always one step ahead of you. Especially when it comes to cybersecurity, our devices have several features and protection systems. Hackers’ methods and approaches are ingenious as well. Contemporary hackers don’t leave clues to their presence. Modern-day hackers not only get what they want form your devices but they also never get caught. These hackers are stealthy enough to leave malware and weird ads in your system and confuse your friends and relatives with shady emails form your account and might even empty your bank account.

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The worst part of getting attacked by a hacker is that most of the people are unaware of the signs. This unawareness leads to more disturbances in your system.

Therefore, apart from having all the security features enabled in your devices and having a reliable and secure internet connection such as Cox internet with its Cox internet packages, it is more important to know all about what happened when your phone or smartphone gets hacked.

In this blog, you will find signs that depict that your smartphone or device was in reach of a hacker and is now demanding full protection. Read these signs below:

Too Slow and Too Hot

One of the major signs that depict that your system was hacked is being extremely sluggish. This is because malware eats up a lot of system resources and runs your system dry. This causes the program on your computer to get sluggish.

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Another major sign is that your system starts heating up quickly. This happens because your components process the unwanted software and this causes it to heat up.

It is important to understand why your system is heating up because when the device gets extremely hot it startsmelting and damaging the inner components. The excessive heat coming out of your system wears out the mechanical component of your device starting from its fans and leading up to more.

Needless to say that these signs start appearing pretty quickly and if you are too unaware to notice them then it will be extremely bad for the health of your system.

Excessive Data Usage

The adware infected gadgets usually operate unsolicited sites and clicks on the background which eventually profits the criminal that has corrupted your system. These stealthy techniques use up the unauthorized data and bandwidth they consume and start giving out the signs to the users.

The first thing that you need to do is make sure that you have a secure and reliable internet connection at home. There are several reliable and protected internet connection service providers in the United States such as Cox internet. The Cox internet packages are best when it comes to consuming the internet for your household usage.

Well, once you have a good internet service provider then it is time to check out your monthly consumption. Every internet provider has a tool that leads you to your daily internet consumption stats. After looking at the site stats you will get a clue of when the data was being used excessively. If You Need More Information Visit AntMovies

Web Pages Take Forever to Load

When the web pages take timeto load and streaming platforms show buffering videos then it means that your internet connection is weak. However, when you have an internet service like Cox internet at home, there is always something fishy when this happens.

It has been observed that malware can also destroy your internet traffic through a process known as DNS hijacking. This process involves hackers redirecting your internet traffic to an unsecured server instead of the secure ones. This technique will slow down your video and browsing source but it will also put your device and internet at risk.

One of the signs that help you identify whether your devices have been DNS hijacked is by looking at the website address. If you enter a specific website address but it ends up on another website not similar to the address then it means that a hacker has fooled around with your device.


Getting your phone or device hacked can be pretty traumatizing. However, if you are aware of all the signs, you can fix them pretty quickly as well. Find out the signs that depict that your system has been hacked.

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