Supply Chain Issues and the Employee Retention Credit

The ERC for California businesses has helped many businesses not to fail during the trying times of COVID and the government restrictions imposed thereafter. However, it is only one of the options to help businesses stay in business and grow. Businesses with supply chain issues are a great example. Supply chain issues occur when there are disruptions such as strikes, natural disasters, or other external factors that can interrupt the continuity of a company’s supply chains. These types of disruptions may cause job losses and decreased profits for these companies.

Supply Chain Issues can be devastating for any business which creates products utilizing a complicated system for production and distribution. A company that has basic supply chain issues may face devastating problems with employee retention. These businesses may also have a decrease in revenue and profits. The ERC is also effective for helping companies that have supply chain issues, by providing tax incentives and tax reductions for helping retain employees.

What is Employee Retention Credit?

The employee retention credit (ERC) is a tax incentive for employers who retain their workforce in the trying times of COVID. These employers or companies are eligible for ERC for the fact that they remained their employees employed throughout the battling years of the pandemic. ERC is basically a federal government program to reward employers who retained their employees after the outbreak of COVID and government-imposed COVID restrictions.

If the supply chain of your business has been affected by COVID, you can obtain relief from the government by receiving this federal tax credit. California businesses whose supply chains are affected by COVID may qualify for the ERC in California. 

How to Claim Employee Retention Claim?

If you are eligible for the ERC, then you better seek the consultation of an ERC specialist. An ERC specialist can help you if you have questions or concerns about the ERC process.

If your business is eligible for the ERC, an ERC specialist can help you fill out Form 5884, Employee Retention Credit, and Form 3800, General Business Credit. These forms are used to apply for the ERC. Your applications will be sent to the IRS for approval, and if approved you will receive a refund on your taxes. The IRS will send your amount of refund through direct deposit into your bank account electronically.

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