The Most Common Forms of Workplace Discrimination

Discriminating against employees on any grounds is illegal by law. However, it still continues to take place in today’s world. In order to combat this, it is essential to be well informed and hire an Employment Discrimination Attorney. They will protect your rights and assist you in the case. 

What are some common workplace discrimination practices that occur?

  • Racial discrimination

It is a sad reality that discrimination on the basis of skin color and ethnicity is prevalent in every part of the world. Workplaces are also included in it. It is one of the most common forms of discrimination. People of color and other minorities are denied employment, treated unfairly after hiring, and subjected to scrutiny and microaggressions. They are denied mentorship and promotions and even face termination when they raise their voice against the injustice taking place against them.

  • Disability discrimination 

Employees with disabilities are also mistreated and are denied access to proper accommodation. Their skills and competency for doing the job are regularly questioned to humiliate them, and they face unjust policies that make things harder for them. Even though the law protects them against mistreatment, they experience such a hostile environment daily.

  • Pregnancy discrimination 

Expecting women, surrogates for gay men or mothers who have recently given birth are mistreated mainly by corporations. They are denied jobs and even terminated if they get pregnant. Many companies have a system of disciplining new mothers and restricting their rights as individuals. They deny them leave and fire them when they take a day off. Additionally, they are faced with unnecessarily complicated situations and made to choose between their job or child. Also, breastfeeding mothers are not provided with the proper accommodation for caring for their children.

  • Gender-based discrimination

Female employees experience a disparity in terms of employment. They are denied jobs and are not allowed to be in leading positions due to their gender. They are also paid a lower wage as compared to their male coworkers. Women of color face extremes because they are not only underpaid but also harassed and fired for trivial reasons.

  • Age discrimination

Workers over the age of 40 years experience discrimination regarding their age. They are harassed and pressured into early retirement by their younger coworkers. They are often the subject of jokes in the workplace. Due to discrimination, older employees are often fired earlier than planned due to aging.

Contact an attorney 

If you witness discriminatory behavior at your workplace, do not be silent. Contact an attorney who can assist you in taking legal action and protecting your rights!

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