Things to consider when you’re looking for a divorce attorney in Tacoma

Tacoma has one of the highest divorce rates in Washington state. As per studies, stress is one of the leading factors for divorce in the state. If you want to know more about the divorce process, a Tacoma Divorce Attorney can help you with it. 

How to file a divorce in Tacoma?

Washington state has an online divorce process. You can easily get a divorce if it is uncontested. All you have to do is apply for a divorce online, pay the processing fee, and submit the divorce form after signing it. 

However, a legal attorney can help you review your divorce case and inform you about any issues in it. So, before submitting for the divorce, you can make sure that it has no errors. 

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Legal aspects of a divorce

A divorce is not just the separation of two individuals. It is the division of the life that the couple once shared. Child custody, division of property, visiting rights, spousal support, etc. are some of the technical nuances that a couple has to face to go through a divorce. 

If you have a non-contesting divorce, you can find solutions to most of these aspects. However, if the divorce involves your partner’s infidelity or other reasons that make it a legal battle, things can turn ugly. 

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Asset division and child custody in Tacoma after a divorce 

Since Washington state has community property jurisdiction, partners have equal ownership over all the property owned after the marriage. 

To ensure equal and just division of property, you can seek help from a divorce attorney. Similarly, shared parenting is the go-to approach in terms of child custody. But, one parent will have more financial obligation as per statutory formulas. 

You will need the help of an attorney to work out what’s best for both the parents and the children in such cases. 

Final Takeaways 

A divorce is a painful process. Sometimes couples endure this difficult part together, but sometimes they stand against each other to win a divorce. 

In either case, you need an attorney to guide you through the legal process. The attorney will give legal information and other facts you need to know regarding the divorce. 

When a divorce involves couples with children, the partners do not leave each other’s life completely. So, it is best to part ways in an amicable manner. 

An experienced attorney can mediate and help you achieve mutual divorce without going through a traumatic experience all by yourself.

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