Things to Know About Macmillan Learning

Jeremy Dieguez is the Managing Director of Global Education at Macmillan Learning. He oversees three divisions – Language Learning, K12 Curriculum Publishing, and international Higher Education activities. Dieguez has a degree in Business Administration, but considers himself to have a ‘life degree’ in educational publishing. He joined the company in 2001, and has since held a variety of roles.

Susan Winslow

Susan Winslow at Macmillan Learning is a long-standing veteran of the educational publishing industry. She has more than 26 years of experience and was previously Managing Director of Macmillan Learning, where she led new content development and product adoption across the company’s diverse markets. Prior to that, she served as Vice President of Marketing for the company’s higher education group, where she spearheaded new digital product brands and led teams through reorganization and unification.

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Freeman titles

Freeman titles are available at Macmillan Learning. Published by Macmillan Publishing, the imprint is home to textbooks and monographs in the sciences. Founded in 1946 by William H. Freeman, a former Macmillan salesman and editor, Freeman’s first book was General Chemistry by Linus Pauling. Since then, Freeman’s titles have consistently offered superb authorship, excellent production, and a focus on key scientific discoveries. Notable titles include Peter Atkins’ Physical Chemistry, Jon Rogawski’s Calculus, and Lubert Stryer’s Biochemistry.


The iClicker classroom interactive response system allows students to participate in polls throughout the class by using their mobile devices. Its polling tools are available in two versions, the iClicker Classic and iClicker Cloud. Both products have the same basic functionality, but one has additional features that allow instructors to tailor them for their classrooms. Instructors can also order a base station for their classrooms, which includes a USB cable, a student remote, and a base receiver.


LaunchPad at Macmillan Learning is a powerful online platform that combines multimedia content, interactive e-books, and ready-made assessment options. Its sleek interface is easy to use for lecturers and students. It also integrates publisher-based resources into Canvas, increasing student engagement and learning.

iClicker integration with Canvas

The iClicker integration with Canvas at Mcmillan Learning can be used for both traditional classroom and blended learning settings. The Macmillan Learning iClicker Sync app supports grade syncing between iClicker Student and Cloud. It also allows for peer interaction and automatic attendance tracking.

Emma Freeman

When you’re teaching an art class, you might be looking for ways to incorporate the work of Emma Freeman at Macmillan Learning. This creative teacher has a unique approach that makes learning about art fun and accessible. She emphasizes the importance of allowing students to be in the process rather than focusing on the finished product. Her techniques can be applied to classroom activities as well as outdoor art making.

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