Top 5 Tips & Tricks You Should Know Before Playing Rocket League

Rocket League has come a long way since the game dropped in 2015. There are definitely some things you regret and wish you would have done differently. In this article, we are going over the top 5 rocket league tips and tricks you should know because you would have done these things sooner or avoided things. If you can get a head start on learning these tips, you are going to be leagues ahead of everybody else in learning this game. If you are looking for cheap Rocket League Credits, go to

Sort Out Your Setting

The first tip you should know when you started playing rocket league was to get your settings sorted. Some people played rocket league and have switched my settings or even five times. Because at the beginning of the game, the actual mechanical ceiling for what you had to do to win or even be at the top level was so low that settings really didn’t matter. You could pick whatever settings you want and as long as you could get comfortable with them you could win. Settings are one of those things that you’re not going to realize how important it is until you’ve already played 1000 hours into the game and you realize it’s too late. Just go check out a settings guide on youtube, get your air roll binds, get your controller binds, get your cheap Rocket league items, and get everything set up when you start playing. So that way, you don’t have to spend hours upon hours relearning your controls later.

Star Playing Workshop Maps

Number two is a huge training tip. In the past, the only way we could get better was by the default rocket league training packs or in free play. The actual speed at which you can learn the game if you do it right is night and day compared. If you want to improve mechanically the fastest way to do it is with workshop maps. Nothing trains aerial card control better than lethal earth rings. Nothing trains dribbling better than dribble to overhaul. Nothing trains shooting better than aim trainer. If you haven’t yet started incorporating workshop maps into your training routine every day and you’re going to get better and so much faster than the people who don’t.


Don’t underestimate powerslide. Many people do not really understand the purpose of holding down powerslide at all times. If you ever watch a high-rank player and they have a controller overlay, figure out which button they have powerslide on and watch how often they use it. There is literally a direct correlation between how much you use powerslide and what your rank is in Rocket League, however, it is actually one of the most accurate predictors of how good a Rocket League player is. All you need to do is whenever you’re landing, whenever you’re turning, really whenever you’re moving around in the game and you’re not going in a straight line. Get comfortable tapping on powerslide for brief periods of time and you’re going to notice how much more sharp and controlled your Rocket League bodies can be on the ground when you start incorporating this mechanic.

Learn Air Roll Sooner

Learn air roll is another one of those mechanics that you don’t really realize how important it really is until you start to try to train it. Nowadays though air roll is essential in almost every single high-level mechanic you want to do. Anything in the air is going to be built on the foundation of having proper air roll and aerial car control. These days the mechanical ceiling is so much higher than it’s ever been. If you want to be able to consistently double-tap, lip reset, air dribble, ceiling shot, or all these complex mechanics, learn air roll, because it is literally a foundational skill in rocket league. Visit Here:  9xmovies

Fix Your PC

It doesn’t matter what you’re playing on, just fix your PC. Because when you get good at rocket league, the actual precision you need to have with all your controls is probably higher than any game. There are so many inputs you need to have, the sensitivity of those inputs needs to be spot on, once you get to a higher level of play. If you are being handicapped by your actual setup or by your system, it’s going to be so hard to push up in ranks. For more information visit this site: forextradenews.

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