ULTHERA lifting treatment

Ultrasound is the release of ultrasound with high-frequency sound waves into the skin. This is converted into microscopic heat that targets the junction layer of the upper muscle layer, medically known as SMAS, or the skin layer used by surgeons in facelift surgery. to a level that other technologies have not been able to do before. Therefore, the results will not be the same as with laser, radio waves or surgery.

with the energy of ULTHERA It will go deep to the desired location to be lifted and get the exact results without scars, no side effects on scars.

The ULTHERA treatment is a process of skin rejuvenation according to the natural cycle from within. Reinforces new collagen vertically and horizontally that attaches to the top layer of skin. but maintains the balance of the skin causing wrinkles to slow down And help the skin to return to its original state, making the skin look younger.

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If you want to do ULTHERA to get beautiful results and last a long time. In addition to having to use the machine and the genuine Ulthera shooting head from America. Still requires the expertise of a doctor who can analyze down to the skin layer of each person. that there is a problem on any floor and at which point

Because I know that each person “Shooting ULTHERA is not the same,” the doctor had to treat it meticulously. taking into account the skin condition and the face of the patient

Another part that is known to be effective or not is the “number of lines” of the ULTHERA shot. uses a genuine headshot and shoots the standard number of shots for every skin layer. for clear and sustainable facial design results

Immediate results: An immediate improvement in the lifting effect is noticeable after approximately 30% of the first treatment.

Long-term results: Gradually see results. And will see the results clearly continuously after about 3 months. In addition, it also makes the overall skin look better in 3 dimensions, including:

– Rejuvenating, smooth skin, pores

– Look younger, skin looks brighter and more lively.

– Tightening, firm, full skin

– Lifting skin, lifting and tightening the figure

– look natural

ULTHERA is another so-called “face lift” technology that has been the most popular among celebrities and actors in Hollywood, Korea, Japan.

due to the apparent change But it’s natural as if it has reversed the age of the skin. make the face slimmer shallow cheek groove Skin collagen is restored continuously for 3-6 months and can last for a year.

Ulthera is mainly suitable for aged 35+, especially those with thin skin problems. sagging skin But nowadays people aged 25-30 are already starting to do Ulthera as an additional option. For people who like skin care Because it stimulates collagen under the skin. Helps our skin look fuller, tighter, tighter without the need for injections. Or any surgery, the results of ULTHERA can last about 1-2 years. If we do it regularly every 1-2 years, it will help our skin to not sag as much as it should be. It is similar to prevention instead of cure.

You felt like doing skin treatment with delay and pressure and didn’t feel much pain. But if the area has to be done a lot, it’s a little at a tolerable level. Or near the mouth will have some sensitive teeth.

a feeling of pain or no pain It depends on the skin and experience of each person too. Some say it hurts Some say it doesn’t hurt

Difference Between Ulthera / Thermage / HIFU

– Ulthera works with sound waves.

– Thermage works with radio waves.

– HIFU works with ultrasound waves.

– Different waves, but heat the surface layer. and can stimulate the production of collagen as well

– In terms of lifting, Ulthera will do better.

– Thermage works well in reducing the fat layer. Suitable for people with cheek problems.

– HIFU prices are more accessible But the result will be shorter, so you need to repeat.

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