Understanding Skin Allergies

Atopic dermatitis is found in all ages. Not related to skin health Even if your skin is sensitive ผิวแพ้ง่าย . atopic dermatitis However, it is caused by genetic abnormalities. but found in childhood which is not a scary disease and is not a contagious disease But the pressure and severity of the rash can have a negative impact on quality of life. resulting in lack of confidence in socializing, studying, as well as disturbing sleep. However, if we understand the treatment approach and know how to properly care for your skin atopic dermatitis It’s not a big problem anymore. Skin atopic dermatitis is caused by genetic disorders. Affects the strength of the skin But that doesn’t mean When the father or mother has this disease Children must have this disease because the father or mother has a skin allergy. allergic rhinitis or asthma that increases the chances of having children with skin allergies. and people with skin allergies It is often allergic to the nose, asthma, and may also be found in some pediatric patients.

appearance and symptoms

People with this disease often have dry skin, red rashes, flaky skin, and intermittent itching. It is often misunderstood and unwilling to cure that itch by scratching. The satisfaction that arises after scratching is temporary. Scratching increases the severity of the rash. The more it itches, the more you scratch, the more you feel satisfied. Inflammation caused by bacteria can follow. It is a common complication. make the rash more increase the likelihood of scarring and black marks after inflammation

location of the rash will change according to age In infancy, a rash can appear on the face when it begins to crawl. The rash is found on the outer elbow or knee. As for older children or adults The rash is usually found on the forearm or knee joint. In adults, rashes and scaly scaling can also occur on the hands and feet. Other skin disorders seen in people with skin allergies, such as ingrown hairs (Pityriasis alba), dermatitis around the nipples (Nipple eczema).

Factors that provoke rashes

dry skin, cold or dry weather mental stress insufficient rest due to physical ailments including bacterial infections of the skin after scratching Using products that irritate the skin, such as toners, alcohol-based products, perfumes, vitamin A, or vitamin C It is also a trigger factor that causes a rash.

Although atopic dermatitis is a chronic disease. But if we know and understand how to properly care for it. These conditions are no longer a daunting problem.


There are many types of moisturizing products available today. Both gentle cleansing foam โฟมล้างหน้า It is designed for people with atopic dermatitis. Contains non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents. therefore used for treatment to prevent rash and can be applied to the skin in the long term without side effects from steroids The treatment methods are as follows.

1. Ointment

During the rash It is important to use steroid-containing medications under the supervision of a doctor to prevent side effects such as infection, steroid-infected skin. as well as side effects from the absorption of steroid substances into the bloodstream In the case of applying the drug over a large area

If the severity of the rash decreases Your doctor may consider topical treatment. in the group that stimulates the body’s immunity (Immunomodulators) to control and prevent the rash for a while. The drugs in this group are often expensive. and had a slight burning sensation after applying the drug

2. oral medication

– Antibiotics to treat infection in case of rash and have a bacterial infection

– antihistamine drugs relieve itching In cases where the rash is very rash, it may be administered to suppress the immune system of the body. therefore should see a doctor to receive appropriate treatment for each individual


  • Shorten your nails. If it is a small child, gloves may be worn. especially while sleeping to prevent scratching
  • Choose the right soap. Has a pH of about 5, no surfactants, no fragrances, if it is a general alkaline soap. It will wash away the fat on the skin layer, resulting in dry skin.
  • Moisturize the skin within 3 minutes after taking a shower.


  • Take warm or hot showers and take long showers or wash your hands frequently.
  • Scratch because every scratch is equal to injuring the skin, as if we beckoned white blood cells and their friends. Let’s help release more inflammation-stimulating substances. resulting in more itchy and the rash became thicker. The doctor recommends stroking it is enough.


I tend to get allergic rashes in the same area over and over again. Why?


I need to understand that. in each age It will cause allergic skin rashes in different locations, such as a small child’s rash on the face. Older children and adults develop a rash on the arms, legs, hands, nipples with skin allergy. will be swollen and come back inflamed and bruised periodically If there are factors that provoke such as stress, less rest, dry skin, scratching that area.

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