Voodoo doll spells for love

Voodoo magic uses quite a limited set of artifacts. It won’t take us much time to list all of them. These are a ritual knife, ritual roasters and lamps, masks, bones and sculls, gris-gris, and of course voodoo dolls created by shamans and just people interested in voodoo who want to influence other people. Today we will teach you how to make a voodoo doll for voodoo doll spells for love, as well as how to use it. Similar voodoo ritual descriptions can be found in our previous articles about voodoo. We’ve described dozens of rituals and all of them can be performed at home. Nevertheless, let me remind you that real complex voodoo spells can be cast only by professional spellcasters, and voodoo is not the only kind of magic that can help people find true love. So, if you want to boost your love life try the voodoo spells that work, and you will conquer the matters of the heart faster than you think.

Voodoo dolls love spells

Dolls for voodoo dolls love spells can be made of a wide range of materials which makes them quite accessible. The most common and the most difficult way to make a voodoo doll is to sew one. Perhaps, you’ve seen images of such voodoo dolls which are recognized as the symbol of voodoo internationally. To make such voodoo dolls, special textiles are needed. You need something charged with the energy of your loved one, and nothing is better for it than unwashed bed sheets or clothes. Fold the material in two and cut out a silhouette of your future doll using a new pair of scissors. Sew it together, fill with some cotton wool or pieces of the same textile cloth, and add some biomaterials, such as hairs, nails, skin, saliva, and sperm. You can also add some bread crumbs left from your loved one’s meal.​

This voodoo doll love spell can be cast in two ways. The first one implies you start taking care of the doll as if it were your child – feed it, put it to bed, kiss it, and tell it fairy tales (yet the key is to tell it about your love and repeat that the person represented by the doll will be taken care of like the doll is, if he falls in love with you). The second way is to make a doll as described above which will represent you. The dolls are tied together with a red string making 28 knots. Then the dolls are put away. In 28 days the target should feel affection for you.

Do voodoo dolls work for love

Voodoo dolls are small replicas of real people. The person represented by the doll feels everything you make the doll feel. It happens on a physical level as well as on one or several energy levels. When you do damage to the doll, you do damage to the target’s energy bodies. When you kiss the doll, you send a positive charge to the target. We all strive to be in contact with the purest and positive energy. If you take really good care of the doll, the target will be attracted to you, knowing subconsciously that he’ll be happy and taken care of with you.

By talking to the doll, you influence the target’s subconscious mind and dreams. Experienced magic practitioners can create certain dream scenarios which will change the target’s attitude to you. But since you’re a beginner, avoid complex rituals. If you manage to create a working doll, you’ll be able to influence the target’s thoughts and behavior. Make sure to work with your doll every day, including after the target falls in love with you.

A voodoo doll spell for love

Do voodoo dolls work for love? They do, yet it’s also important to know how to store the doll properly after the ritual has been performed. If you forget about the doll and stop working with it, the connection between the doll and the target will be destroyed. If you keep it in sight, it will “shut down” and refuse to accept the energy charge of your spells. If you throw it out, the person it represents will get sick. After recovery he will get back to his normal life and avoid seeing or talking to you.

So when you make a doll, remember that you should take good care of it for a very long time or maybe even forever. You can get rid of your voodoo doll only if you want to get rid of the person represented by it. In this case take out all the biomaterials you put inside the doll and bring them to the target’s house. Throw them on the floor or behind the furniture and say:

“Everything that’s been taken is now returned. The spell put is now broken. You and the doll aren’t connected anymore. So when I destroy the doll, you’ll be free without feeling any pain or missing me.”

Come back home, disassemble the doll and put the stuffing and threads into different envelopes. Throw out one envelope every day. This is how you can destroy the connection between the doll and the target causing very little to no damage to either.​

How to make a voodoo doll for love

If there is no way you can obtain some biomaterials or worn clothes, make a doll using some dough. Prepare some unfermented dough if the target is a male, adding one teaspoon of salt per 100 g of flour. If the target is a female, add one teaspoon of sugar per 100 g of flour. Add some water to make the dough hard but flexible. Make a doll. Write the target’s name and date of birth on a piece of paper and put it inside the doll’s chest. If you have a picture of the target, make it as small as possible, print it out, roll it up, and put it inside the doll as well. In this case there is no need to put any notes as you should write the target’s name and date of birth on the back of the picture. Then let the doll dry up which usually takes 3 or 4 days and occasionally up to 5 days. Then use the doll in your ritual like a regular voodoo doll.

To find out how to make a voodoo doll for love using playdough, read our previously published articles available at our blog.

How to use a voodoo doll for love

The rules below are about how to use a voodoo doll for love:

  • – The doll should be kept in a dedicated box;
  • – It should be kept away from direct sunlight;
  • – No one but you should know about the doll;
  • – Handle the doll with care as if it’s very fragile;
  • – Don’t wash the doll – contact with water will make the target cry;
  • – Always wash your hands before using the doll;
  • – Always wash your hands after using the doll to avoid taking over the target’s diseases;
  • – Don’t do anything with the doll if you’re menstruating;
  • – Don’t do anything to the doll if the woman represented by it is menstruating;
  • – Sew some clothes for the doll to make it more effective;
  • – Don’t get mad at the doll because this will cause the target to get mad at you;
  • – Talk to the doll like you would to the target (don’t talk to it like a toy);
  • – If the doll scares you, burn it down.

When you cast a voodoo doll spell for love, you shouldn’t forget that the voodoo doll is like a transmitter working in both ways. You can communicate your orders and dreams through it, but the target can influence you too, even without knowing it. Usually the influence is negative and you just take over the target’s problems and diseases. Our protective shield is like a ball. Once there is a hole in it, the air comes out. That’s why there are two important rules:

Firstly, never put spells on sick people or people experiencing some hardships.

Secondly, since voodoo spells are high-risk spells, let professional spellcasters perform the rituals for you.

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