What are the Common Causes of Train Accidents?

Train accidents are a nightmare for those involved, and an unfortunate reality that the general public needs to be aware of. Many people are surprised when they learn just how many train accidents we see each year, but as long as these things keep happening, they should never be forgotten or ignored. 

These accidents on the rail can be caused due to several reasons. Moreover, the injuries caused by train accidents can be sometimes serious, and even fatal. However, most people are not familiar with the laws that deal with train accidents. Therefore, it is essential to hire any of the railroad lawyers if you or anyone near to you is involved in a train accident. These lawyers can provide you with information and possibly advice on how to proceed.

For now, we will see into some of the common causes of train accidents.

  • Train conductor negligence

There are cases where the train conductor is too preoccupied with another train that he/she does not pay attention to the signals or track switches. There are also times when the conductors forget to judge how fast the train should be going. This causes these trains to fail and create an accident.

  • Train derailment

It is a fact that trains are some of the safest modes of transport since it glides over tracks with ease. However, situations can arise that cause derailment of this type of transport vehicle and cause serious damage that might lead to accidents.

  • Poor weather conditions

There are times when bad weather conditions such as fog, heavy rain, or snow can cause a train accident. This happens when the driver cannot see the signals due to low visibility, signaling incorrect messages to the train traffic ahead, or speeding up beyond safety parameters.

  • Collision with another train or other objects

This is one of the most common causes of train accidents. This can happen when the following train does not get the signal to go or when a speeding train runs into a slower-moving one.

There are also times when trains collide with objects such as trees, poles, and other commuter vehicles whilst driving at high speeds. In addition, there are several cases where people have been injured by falling from these objects after being hit by the passing trains.

  • Improper maintenance of the train tracks

Accidents can happen when the maintenance of train tracks is not handled correctly. For instance, there can be a case where the balance of wooden ties that make up the track is irregular, causing carriages to derail. Another example could be wet wooden ties being laid in the winter.

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