What are the Most Common Causes of Construction Disputes?

Disputes in construction sites could arise due to many reasons. The parties who are involved in a construction project might disagree on the specifics of the agreement. This can include the time period of work, what will be done along with who will be responsible for different aspects of the project is also something that might lead to a construction dispute. 

These disputes are very common in the construction industry and are usually resolved quickly by a licensed Las Vegas Commercial Litigation Attorney. You need to hire attorneys to stop these disputes from turning violent and getting you into a legal tangle. 

For now, we will see into the common causes of construction disputes.

  • Contract errors or omissions

The first and most common cause of construction disputes is contract errors or omissions. Most people are not aware of the importance of a contract before they sign it. In most cases, there is no survey conducted by a licensed surveyor and the project plans are not given to the contractor. These things can lead to major discrepancies later in the project and lead to construction disputes. 

  • Differing site conditions

Also known as latent defects, differing site conditions can also lead to construction disputes. A lot of the time, the plans that were provided were not accurate and this leads to problems further on in the project. This is usually out of the control of both parties and it is very little you can do about it once the work begins. 

  • Noncompliance with contractual obligations

Noncompliance with contractual obligations is another common cause of construction disputes. If a contractor does not follow the contract that was signed, then you might be left in a very difficult situation. You have already made an investment in the project and you are now stuck with an incomplete construction site. 

  • Lack of supervision

One very common cause of construction disputes is lack of supervision. One party is supposed to supervise the work being done by the other party but does so poorly or not at all leading to safety concerns. This can be a result of many things like lack of experience, poor management skills or even neglecting some aspects such as those related to signage or marking devices used on the site.

  • Claim errors

Claim errors can lead to construction disputes. This usually arises when the plans provided by a contractor do not match what was expected and are either too low or too high. A lot of times, the contractor that tried to build upon the plans are not liable for the defects and this leaves you completely at the mercy of your construction dispute.

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