What Can You Do in Whistler in the Spring?

Given Whistler is known as one of the best places in the world when it comes to skiing, it might only cross tourists’ minds during the coldest months of the year. After all, if it was known for anything else wouldn’t average folks be aware of it like they are about the snow sports? For those who have been there at all, or have only been there during the winter, this might make sense but it couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Whatever has you considering what Whistler might be like during the spring, be it a curiosity about an offseason adventure or maybe you’re looking at Whistler Homes for Sale and you’re hoping the entire area still has things to do outside of the busiest season, here’s a few great things to do there once the warmer weather starts to kick in. 

Still Go Skiing

This will come as a surprise to some and it’ll be obvious to others. While, yes, once it really gets warm there’s going to be no skiing happening but the snow doesn’t just melt during the first few warm days of the year. Regulars to Whistler are going to be completely familiar with the fact that skiing and snowboarding can be done well into April. 

If anyone is holding any doubts, all worries should be melted away once they see that Whistler’s own Ski & Snowboard Festival doesn’t even take place until the middle of April. If there wasn’t plenty of snow around, they wouldn’t be holding a festival during the spring. 

Mountain Biking

Once the snow is finally really gone, don’t feel like there’s nothing to do on the mountains until winter rolls around again. As the years march forward, mountain biking is becoming more and more popular in places like Whistler. Those unfamiliar with the sport might not know this, but Whistler is held in the same regard for mountain biking as it is for skiing. 

The skiing and snowboarders who are curious really ought to give this a chance as it’ll be an entirely new way to see the very same mountains they feel they already know so well. Depending on where exactly they are, riders might even be using the same lifts they know so well from the colder months.


When it’s a place that is so well known for its sports that are a little more on the extreme side, it’s easy to forget about the simple pleasure that is hiking. What the warmer weather means for many of the locals (besides the start of the mountain biking season) is the return of hiking. In places as luscious as this, it’ll seem there’s always a new hiking trail right around the corner. 

There’ll be plenty of options for whichever skill level you feel comfortable with and there’s likely to be many trails within walking distance of where your lodging is. During the spring, comfortable clothes should do you just fine but it might be wise to have a jacket along with some shoes that can handle a little surprise rain.

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