What should you do if your child gets injured in a school bus accident?

Accidents can be tragic, but a school bus accident is even more problematic because it involves small kids. As a parent, you might feel apprehensive if at all it happened to your child. A Tucson auto accident attorney can help you deal with such cases to seek compensation for the medical costs you had to bear and the pain and suffering your child had to face. In this blog, you will read what you should do if your child gets injured in a school bus accident.

Take medical help

Medical treatment is of utmost importance. Even if it seems to be a minor accident, consult your doctor because minor injuries can prove to be havoc in the future. Moreover, medical documents and prescriptions will make your case concrete as these will serve as evidence.

Gather information about the accident

Ask your child and his friends about the accidents. Contact the school authority to get a clear picture. Moreover, contact other parents to get an insight. 

Document all the post-accident details

Keep a record of every expense that occurs post-accident. Keep as many details as possible. Watch out for symptoms of anxiety, stress, or depression because children sometimes fail to communicate what they might be going through. Documenting all the details will help you get better compensation.

Try to decipher who is liable.

Sometimes school bus accidents take place due to the driver’s fault. Ask the eyewitnesses as they can help you decipher who is liable. However, children are too small to understand who is at fault. But they can give you clues about the driving. Ask your child if the driver was distracted while driving, whether the speed was too much, or he was on call while driving. You can even ask these questions to his friends to get a better understanding.

Contact a lawyer

A lawyer is well aware of the laws, and with his experience, he will analyze the nook and corner of your case. Though you can also fight alone, a lawyer’s help will give you the time and space to look after your child.


It might be difficult for you to see your child suffering as a parent, but that doesn’t mean you will lose your calm. It will be best if you take steps with wisdom so that you can take care of your child and get better compensation.

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