Why Do Flies Create A Problem?

Flies are a common pest that causes a problem to health and businesses. There are different kinds of flies like the house fly, the horse fly, fruit fly of which the house fly is the most common one seen around. People usually try different home remedies but they hardly get any success in getting rid of this annoying pest since they multiply fast wherever there is food and a warm moist environment.

The control of flies can be an ongoing struggle on farms and in industries that depend on cleanliness such as restaurants, bars, motels, and food chains. Like rodents, flies are a sign of poor hygiene which may cost businesses money and possibly result in fines if they are inspected.

How to get rid of flies?

The best way to eliminate flies from your home or business area is by using a fly screen. Premier Screens are the best fly screen supplier in the UK. They have been supplying and installing fly screens and insect screens for doors and windows for over 30 years assuring their customers of high-quality products from a reputable company. Whether you are looking for a DIY magnetic fly screen kit for your home or want a professionally installed commercial fly screen for business premises, their products deliver years of exceptional performance without any expensive maintenance.

Why are flies a threat to our health?

Houseflies carry germs that can cause serious diseases like typhoid, TB, dysentery, and cholera. They carry the germs on their bodies, mouths, and feet and also through their excreta.

Flies thrive on liquids and so they emit waste frequently every time they land on something. Moreover, they vomit partially digested food onto surfaces, which increases the danger of infection and sickness.

The average life span of a fly

The average life span of a fly is very short as they usually stay alive for around 15-30 days. just like other insects, flies also go through the four stages of a life cycle:

  • Eggs
  • Larva
  • Pupae
  • Adult


The egg is the initial stage of the fly life cycle. One female fly can lay more than 500 eggs in her life period while fly males fertilise those eggs. They lay their eggs in warm and moist spaces on decayed organic matter like food waste, trash, carrion, and human or animal faeces. The eggs hatch within 8-20 hours.


Fly larvae, also known as maggots look like worms, remain near their food source, and thrive by feeding on dead animals, manure, and trash. Maggots must eat to develop and go to the next stage.


Flies are often dormant in the pupae stage and do not move or feed. They grow wings, antennae, and legs as well as a cocoon-like shell. As they come out of their shells, they are completely grown and in their adult form due to which restaurants run the danger of having food safety issues.

Flies are considered pests as they usually breed quickly, eat decaying organic items, and spread diseases when people consume that contaminated food. Therefore, it is important to put up a fly screen and stop these pests from entering your comfort and hygienic space.

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