Why pick a leather bag?

Leather bags have long gained widespread notoriety. Sensible, based on the fact that leather bags can be used for a variety of purposes. For example, leather is suitable as a luiertas, school bag, or a weekend bag, for example.

Leather is used as usual. Along with bags, shoes and coats are regularly made of leather.

The benefits of leather

Cool look

Solid material

Water repellent

Leather can be combined with appearance.

Flexible and versatile

Tip: Do you think waterproof bags are important? Then, at this point, read this article about waterproof bags!

Still, shouldn’t something be said about it?

Leather is made using animal skins, mainly cow and pig skin. It is similarly used in many bags. More lavish brands regularly decide to use ‘interesting’ leather, for example, cow. The reason behind this is that ‘attractive’ leather is often of better quality.

Leather can be the first and strongest, the leather becomes “soft” over long distances, as it usually gets twisted and deformed during use. At the same time, it gives the leather an “authentic” shape and enables the leather cowboysbag to be worn.

Without tiring you of the different types of leather available, we will talk about the leather mainly used for bags.

Leather bag care

Leather is a specialty material. This means that it needs the care to maintain its luster. Do you have a matte leather bag? And yet, at the end of the day, you only benefit from great care.

Why? Because your leather bag will signal to wear sooner or later. Leather can lose its luster and become ‘bad’. Similarly, wear spots can appear which look awful. Just sit back and relax. You can stop it with the tips below!

Use only cares products that are suitable for the skin, for example, unusual skin creams.

The skin may become dry. Make sure your leather bag is not against heat.

Try not to keep your leather bag in daylight for too long.

Keep the tassen dry. Wetness causes stains.

Tip: Be careful with sharp objects, even with pets! Sharp nails from cats and canines can cause scratches that are often frustrating.

Smooth leather care

Smooth leather is a type of leather that feels smooth and shiny. This is a common type of tote and dress shoe.

You can decide to use the cream (in shading or neutral). They come in a variety of configurations, with a regular wipe coming into the cylinder, allowing you to rub your bag. Another choice is cream in a container. It is best to use microfiber materials to apply and rub the cream with great effort.

Then, at this point, let him out for a while. Make sure your leather bag is dry and then shower it with an impregnating splash. That way your skin stays safe and lasts longer!

Waxed leather care

Waxed skin is treated with wax. This is a characteristic thing that sticks to the skin, so it should be washed regularly again.

Waxed leather feels thicker than smooth leather and is protected from water. This is one of the reasons why this type of leather is often used in backpacks. It is attractive for scratches; however, it is not a problem to assume that you keep the bag as usual.

Make sure you grease or spray your bag with a shower every other month.

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