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HealthTap is an internet-based telemedicine service that connects patients to board-certified doctors for treatment of various medical conditions. They boast extremely short wait times and offer low prices on treatments for various illnesses.

Their app is accessible across all devices and they accept most major insurance plans. Furthermore, they offer a monthly Prime subscription plan with unlimited visits at an exclusive discounted rate.

24/7 Care

HealthTap is a medical app that connects users to online doctor via video chat and text. Doctors answer questions quickly, while also ordering lab tests if desired.

This app can be downloaded from both Apple Store and Android Market, guaranteeing it to be secure and virus-free.

People who utilize this service praise its convenience – quick access to a doctor without needing to visit an emergency room or urgent care facility. Furthermore, parents with multiple children can benefit from it since they don’t need to spend a fortune on copays.

The app is free to download, but a subscription fee must be paid to access its premium features. Memberships cost $15 per month and give you access to specialized telemedicine services like primary care that are not otherwise available.

Personalized Care

HealthTap provides 24/7 access to an expansive network of qualified physicians, dentists and clinical psychologists. It also has a library of questions answered free by doctors as well as an AI-driven symptom checker that guides you towards receiving the assistance you require.

Doctors who join the platform must go through extensive onboarding processes. They must hold a valid medical license in the United States, be in good standing, and free from any disciplinary actions.

The platform’s AI interviewing members helps doctors prioritize and triage their symptoms, so members can get the right level of care. That may involve either a virtual consultation with a doctor or an in-person appointment.

HealthTap provides patients with “Top Doctor Insights,” a personalized list of insights from top physicians on any topic. The service leverages billions of data points and the user’s Heath Graph to offer unique perspectives from doctors tailored to each individual’s specific requirements.

Convenient Care

HealthTap provides affordable telemedicine to individuals with or without insurance, offering them access to doctors through text, video chat or their smartphone. Members can submit questions for review by physicians and receive vetted, peer-reviewed answers in return.

HealthTap network doctors have completed a rigorous credentialing process and are U.S.-based, board-certified. As such, they are qualified to prescribe medications or refer you to specialists as needed.

Patients on HealthTap can ask doctors a range of health queries, such as those related to allergies, flu and cold symptoms, headaches, sinus infections and fever. Furthermore, they have the option to request lab tests or prescription refills.

Doctors in the HealthTap network are available seven days a week, 365 days a year. They can interact with patients live via HD video and audio, as well as write prescriptions.

Affordable Care

HealthTap strives to make high-quality healthcare accessible for all Americans, regardless of insurance status. They offer customers access to a long-term primary care doctor they choose and love for $15 per month, including free texting, $39 video appointments and 24/7 urgent care with the first available clinic doctor.

HealthTap relies on an expansive network of 90,000 U.S. doctors across 147 specialties who volunteer their time and expertise to answer members’ questions and refer them to appropriate specialists as needed.

HealthTap not only answers questions, but it also offers advice on medications and lab testing. Its AI-powered symptom checker can help patients identify the source of their discomfort. Furthermore, HealthTap experts write prescriptions and ship them directly to pharmacies near patients’ homes or places of work.

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