zee salaam tv | ZeeSalaam | Zee Salaam – A Bollywood TV Channel For Muslims

Zee Salaam is an Indian television channel that features Islamic programming. The channel was launched in February 2010 and is owned by the Zee Entertainment Enterprises. The channel has the same philosophy as its parent network and has expanded its reach beyond India. It also provides Urdu content. In addition to news, it carries entertainment, music, and sports. It airs programs with a focus on the Muslim community. Those who want to watch it can subscribe to the Zee Salaam channel on any of its pay television platforms.

In fact, the popularity of the show has grown to the extent that the channel has exceeded 70% of the market share in Pakistan. The channel’s content has helped Indian Muslims stay informed on current affairs in the country and abroad. The channel has also taken a stand for the welfare of our soldiers. Inculcating the first philosophy of the nation in the minds of its viewers, the Jai Hind Janab show will inspire every individual to work for the nation.

The channel has broad viewership across the country, which means it is one of the most accessible TV channels for Muslims. It offers both prime and non-prime time advertisements, which gives advertisers the opportunity to target different segments of the population. This is particularly important for those who wish to reach out to a wider audience. The channel is not just focused on the Hindi-speaking population, but also broadcasts in Urdu. The swoosh-shaped logo is a common symbol for a network, and the change is no different with Zee Salaam.

In addition to its programming, Zee Salaam has pioneered the genre of Reality Shows in the Urdu language. The channel has pioneered programs such as Talaash Ek Roohani Awaz ki, a singing competition based on Islamic couplets. The channel also broadcasts the Urs Festival live from Ajmer Sharif in India for the past three years. In addition, the channel also presents Kalam-e-Ilahi Husn-e-Qirat, an audio-visual performance based on the rhythmic recital of Aayats.

The line-up of Zee Salaam is perfect for viewers of all ages and backgrounds. The channel’s tagline is “Awaam ki Awaaz”. Its content is both informative and entertaining. Its schedule is a good indicator of the upcoming episodes. It is available on DISH and epg, so it will be easy to watch. For more information, visit

The show’s mission is to motivate the nation to become a better person. It is based on the nation’s first philosophy: each individual should be proud of his or her achievements and strive to improve their lives. It is a show that showcases every accomplishment. There are no limits to the success of a nation. You can see the latest news on TV, read the weekly entertainment magazine, and find the best recipes.

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