Assisted Living Safety: Tips for Keeping Seniors Safe and Secure

When it comes to the question of how to keep seniors in assisted living facilities safe and secure, there are many answers to explore. It is undeniable that safety is a top priority, but what that looks like depends on the various factors within the community itself. There are, in fact, lots of considerations to be accounted for. Here are some non-negotiable security and safety tips for keeping residents safe in assisted living communities.

Well-Trained Staff Supervision

Regardless of the facilities and demographic of the residents, well-trained staff is a necessity. This leads to a demand for a high level of supervision across all of the facilities inside the senior village. This well-known assisted living facility in Aliso Viejo, for example, ensures that a qualified staff member is constantly supervising key areas like the physical fitness center. This is a great strategy because it mitigates a vast number of risks that could occur in this type of space like misuse of equipment or any type of potential injury. This should definitely be standard practice.

Security People

The next consideration is employing some dedicated employees to handle the general security of the village. With professional grade security services, there is a natural peace of mind for all the residents and staff. They help deter potential break-ins and monitor the area for any wandering residents or any other type of suspicious visitor behavior.

Locked Gates

Any living compound will benefit from a locked entry system, and assisted living places are not exempt from this. Gates and barriers should be installed at key points of entry or exit so that not only is there a record of who comes and goes, but an added layer of protection from external intruders with bad intentions.

Thinking About High Traffic Areas

There are a few spaces in assisted living communities that see a lot of people coming and going. This might be the on-site restaurants or general recreational spaces. These areas should always be properly monitored and maintained with a staff presence wherever possible. This is where there will be the most activity, so they have to be kept clear of trip hazards and properly signed during cleaning times. The biggest risk to residents in senior living places is falling and sustaining an injury, so this should be at the forefront of any safety strategy.

Medical Intervention

There will be a lot of planning around the medical needs of residents. Certain residents will be in a higher risk category than others, and everyone has to be well looked after to avoid neglect and undetected medical incidents. Where there is a concern, facilities need to ensure there are enough medical alert systems in place in all the independent rooms or apartments. Alongside this, there should be regular visits from medical teams and carer staff to ensure there is no room for missed incidents.

Keeping seniors safe and secure is an absolute must. Assisted living facilities often incorporate this into their business plan, and take into account the many factors that pose a threat to the well-being of residents. Security measures are necessary and exist to enhance well-being.

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