How many types of Golden Retrievers are there? what colors are there

The Golden Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds that people around the world want to buy as a four-legged family member. Because these dogs tend to be kind, warm-hearted, and have the most friendly eyes. And if you’re looking for a Golden Retriever puppy. Many people can’t decide which Golden Dog to choose. whether it is a British Golden Retriever Canadian Golden Breed or American Golden Or even the Black Golden Retriever trend or the Golden Mini dog.

But for those who are interested in raising a new Golden Retriever dog. Many people can’t tell the difference between different Golden Retrievers. because each model has a very similar appearance

In fact, Determining the characteristics of a Golden Retriever can be quite complicated. There is also a lot of misinformation about the Golden Retriever breed that people still believe. So, in this article, I’m going to take you to know how to distinguish the Golden Retriever dog’s characteristics and how many breeds are there. Let’s go and watch it together.

How many types of Golden Retrievers are there?

The answer to this question is very simple. Although there are many different types of Golden Dog names mentioned above. but in the end Golden Retriever dog ” There is only one breed “

The Golden Retriever originated in Scotland. The breed was developed since the year A.D. 1868 as a hound that helps run to collect the birds that have been shot back to the owner both in water and on land.

And even though the time has passed until now The Golden Retriever was once a hound. became the beloved domestic dog of everyone. But the Golden Retriever breed is still a single species that has not changed at all.

What is different for each Golden Dog is the “ color ” and “ type ” of the Golden Dog. It is, in fact, more than just a standard by country to determine what a good Golden Retriever should look like. If so, first of all, let’s look at the characteristics of Golden Dogs in different shades.

Golden Retriever dog traits by color

The golden retriever puppies dog color All of them were golden from light to dark in various levels. Even though golden-haired golden dogs are the most popular colors. But you can also find golden dogs with pure white or even red fur. But mainly You can distinguish golden dog traits by color into 3 levels as follows:

#1 Golden dog with dark golden or red fur

Golden dogs with dark golden or reddish fur. It is usually a common shade. And may be priced not as high as other shades of hair.

Golden Dogs with dark gold or reddish fur Often descended from Golden Retrievers bred as Field Bred for hunting. by golden dogs with dark fur They tend to have smaller bodies, shorter hair, and more agile appearance. But in spite of this You can also find golden-haired, dark-golden dogs with large heads and long fur.

#2 Golden-haired Golden Dog

Golden-haired Golden Retrievers are always the most desirable. because it has the color characteristics that match the most standard Including often having thick and long hair. It has large bones and a large head like a standard Golden Retriever. Many people would say that if your Golden Retriever looks like this. They tend to be friendly and approachable. But will not be very active.

#3 Golden Dog with Light Golden Hair, Including Cream

Golden-haired Golden Retrievers are often referred to by many different names, including the English Cream Golden Retriever, White Golden Retriever, and Rare European Platinum Retriever.

Despite various beliefs about the Golden-haired Golden Dog, both being a calm dog There is a coat color that is more difficult to find. Or even many people say that this is not even a Golden Dog. But the reality is that having a lighter hair color doesn’t mean it’s better. But let’s look at the pedigree level and the way of raising it more.

However, although the golden dog can be divided into 3 main shades according to the color, but in the standard of being a golden dog of many institutions The dog must have a shade that is neither too light nor too dark. Otherwise, the dog cannot be submitted to the contest.

Golden Dog Classification according to different standards

You may have heard that Some Golden Dogs are British breeds. Some are American or Canadian, but as I said, there is only one Golden Retriever. These are not true breeds, but rather the “classification and attribution” of Golden Retrievers according to the three country standards: PS. Golden Dogs actually originated from Scotland (Scotland), but were later bred again in various continents. It makes them have different shapes, faces, and skin tones.

British Golden Retriever

The British Golden Retriever usually has a long, silky coat. There may be wavy or straight hair. and has a thick mane By British standards, Goldens are allowed to have cream or light coats. British Golden Retrievers are also more muscular and heavier than other Golden Retrievers. But maybe a little shorter It also has a wider face shape. and has large dark round eyes that are at the same level as the ears

American Golden Retriever

American Golden Retrievers are slimmer and taller and slimmer than other Golden Retrievers. They are often bright gold because of the American standard. If a Golden Retriever has a coat that is too light or too dark, it will not be very desirable. The American Golden Retriever has a darker coat than the British one. often have long, thick hair The curls are wavy and waterproof. They tend to have thick hair on their mane, chest, thighs, and tail, as well as almond-shaped oval eyes and lighter eye color.

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