Woodside Credit Reviews the Most Underappreciated Classic and Exotic Vehicles

 As far back as the 1950s, some classic and exotic vehicles have sometimes flown under the radar. For one reason or another, the general public doesn’t give them the credit they deserve. That leads to valuable opportunities for buyers wanting something that performs well and looks good without a shocking price.

Woodside Credit reviewed in a blog some of the most underappreciated classic vehicles people are financing after finding them in auctions.

2005 Lotus Elise

A favorite from Woodside Credit is the Lotus Elise from the mid-2000s. This was a small, exciting vehicle that performed extremely well. It’s very affordable to maintain, making it a great purchase even in the present day.

Using a Toyota engine it’s built to last a long time with proper care. The fiberglass on the car can drive repair costs up a bit, but it’s manageable enough compared to alternatives.

It’s easy to find the 2005 Lotus Elise under $50,000 in great condition. Some of the rare colors might fetch a little more money, but it’s looked at as a great small sports car.

1992 Acura NSX

A Acura NSX

In the early 1990s, Acura had lofty expectations for the NSX. The aluminum body instantly became one of the lightest on the market, hoping to compete directly with Ferrari. It does match up very well with Ferrari, but Acura never found a way to sell their car quite as well to this market.

With a current price tag averaging around $70,000, buyers can still find a great Acura NSX from 1992. Their Honda parts make them a very reliable vehicle that still performs well when found in great condition in 2023.

1975 Porsche 914

A Porsche 914

It’s difficult to find any overlooked Porsche, but the 1975 Porsche 914 certainly falls in that category. Initially, it didn’t acquire the best reputation. The problem was the constant comparisons to the 911. Many thought it was nothing more than a lesser version of the very popular Porsche model.

Now almost 50 years old, the Porsche designed and engineered by Volkswagen is mistakenly underrated. People have grown to appreciate the design, and they love that there’s some open space inside instead of cramped seating. It’s gone up in price a bit, like every Porsche out there, but they still sell for around $40,000–$45,000 in most cases.

1987 Buick Grand National

How can a car some say is the ultimate 1980s muscle car be overlooked now? It comes down to so many other vehicles grabbing attention years later. Buyers started to move on, and Buick lost a bit of name recognition in the classic and exotic vehicle industry.

A huge selling point of the 1987 Buick Grand National is that the company partnered with McLaren Performance Technologies to provide a great option. It goes from 0 to 60 mph in under five seconds, thanks to its turbo engine. People who know it’s a McLaren-tuned machine find it to be of great value.

1968 Mercury Cougar

A Mercury Cougar

Mustangs get all the attention, but the Mercury Cougar was also a well-received car. In 1968, the Mercury Cougar had enough luxury features to turn into a strong seller. It had a 428 Cobra Jet engine in the GT-E, which fetches a high price today as well.

Too many other cars clouded the industry, leaving the 1968 Mercury Cougar vastly underrated. At around $30,000 in today’s market, it’s a great value option.

Why Do Some Classic and Exotic Vehicles Get Overlooked?

How did some of these vehicles get overlooked for so long? It usually comes down to at least one or two of these reasons.


Some classic and exotic vehicles came out in limited numbers. This makes them rare and difficult to find. Since information isn’t out there, they have become less well known and less likely to be appreciated by the public.

A lot of people associate rarity with being hard to find and, therefore, expensive, but that only applies to certain vehicles. Woodside Credit is capable of helping finance exotic and classic vehicles.

The overlooked rare vehicles mostly come from smaller names in the vehicle industry. They also might have a very similar competitor car, so the average person doesn’t think that they are missing out on a rare vehicle.

Lack of Publicity

Vehicles might not receive much publicity or marketing after production. This can make them less well known and less likely to be appreciated by the public. Older manufacturers sometimes didn’t have the budget to do the type of marketing other companies could. Without online reviews and people to hype up a release, a vehicle could go relatively unnoticed.


The design of a vehicle could be what keeps it overlooked. Some classic and exotic vehicles may have unique or unusual designs that don’t have mass appeal. This can make them less popular and less likely to be appreciated by the public.

The most universally loved cars tend to have a fairly conservative look. They appeal to the masses, and not to a niche market. Overlooked vehicles might not receive love from everyone, but those having a strong connection contribute to demand.


If a car didn’t perform as well as its peers, it might have originally been overlooked. A low-performance vehicle won’t seem as impressive as its competitors, which can make them less attractive to the public.

That doesn’t mean that an overlooked car can’t be improved so that it does perform well. A lot of people are breathing new life into older vehicles by making some adjustments.

Historical Significance

A lot of the most well-known classic and exotic vehicles have some sort of historical significance. They were the first to add something to their car, they have racing victories, or they were marketed extremely well. The overlooked ones don’t have that same level of historical significance.

If a car doesn’t have a distinguishing historical aspect to it, it might be overlooked. Collectors flock to the ones they remember. They also usually want something that will hold value or even increase in value.

Financing an Underappreciated Vehicle through Woodside Credit

Even if someone finds an underappreciated vehicle at a great price, financing is still available. Woodside Credit specializes in this, offering low monthly payments so individual buyers and investors can keep more cash in hand, or in investments.

Bidding on and buying vehicles is easy to handle through Woodside Credit. Some opt for a pre-approval, while others will handle all paperwork after a winning bid at an auction. As an official partner with Barrett-Jackson auctions, Woodside Credit caters specifically to classic and exotic car buyers.

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