Content Marketing Tools You Need In 2022

While knowing how to write interesting and effective content for any business is crucial, knowing how to market your content to reach maximum viewers and rank higher is vital too. Content marketing helps you cater to the information-driven world and is the biggest requirement for any business now. 

Customers today cannot be offered average content, they have become intelligent viewers and decision-makers; therefore, the way you market your content could either break or make your name. Here are some content marketing tools that are here to stay and help you by adding value to your content marketing strategy. 

Benchmark Email

Email marketing is crucial for content marketing campaigns, and this is where Benchmark Email can be of immense help to you. You can use this tool for autoresponders, recurring emails, email newsletters, blog emails, automated email campaigns, and a lot more. 

Use the email editing feature to make your email designs better and there are more than 200 email templates that you can use. You can also integrate this tool with other technologies, making it a versatile one.


Video marketing is here to stay, and if you wish to make a maximum impact on your viewers, then you cannot miss out on this. This tool helps you to create explanation videos that offer detailed guidance on how your product or service can help the targeted audience. 

You can create such videos using different styles, cartoons, motions, and whiteboards using this tool. There are three packages available that you can purchase including, Ultimate, Premium, and lastly Advanced.


This is a workforce analytical tool. You can only do fruitful content marketing when your team is active and productive. With this tool, you get real-time information on your team’s engagement and activity, time mapping. There are three plans you can purchase in this tool, that is, Time Tracking, Employee Monitoring, and lastly Automatic Time Mapping. 


When creating content, you must first get an idea of who your target audience is and the kind of content they wish to view. Content that is informative and suffices the requirements of the viewer will always be appealing. 

This tool helps you achieve just that. Through this tool, you gain insights using online surveys. Use the free trial period, and then you can go for the paid plan, which starts at $25 per feature per month. 

Apart from other content marketing tools, you should also make use of other technologies and tools like PDFSimpli, which makes it easier for you to resize PDF or compress PDF 500kb. Using this tool you can also add your digital signature. Wrapping up, these are some of the powerful content marketing tools that can make your workflow a lot easier and more organized. 

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