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How to design the ideal logo for Instagram

One billion people are using Instagram each month. 200 million users visit at least one or two businesses’ accounts on Instagram every single day. The logo can help increase the reach of the account up a notch, entice the audience that is loyal to the brand, and boost awareness. It’s what people are paying focus on before they visit the Instagram page. What is the reason a logo for Instagram need to be considered? What are the benefits? What are the implications for your subscription flow? Let’s look at it together.

The reason you require an Instagram logo? Instagram

Research has shown that on Instagram prospective buyers are 10x more likely communicate with companies than Facebook and are nearly 100 times more likely do this than Twitter and five times more likely to interact with businesses than Pinterest this means Instagram is an excellent platform to promote the products or services you offer.

However, to make them desire to visit your site to read your content, and even place an order it is important to make them excited. Logos do a great job at this. The perception of the whole account is based on the quality that is its visually appealing image.

What is the logo that Instagram uses? Instagram

A professionally-branded account for business on Instagram can provide the following advantages:

  • Brand acknowledgement;
  • the trust of the intended the audience’s loyalty;
  • Communication with consumers; convenient feedback;
  • lead generation;
  • Building brand recognition.

If you design an Instagram account in a way that isn’t done properly and chaotically, the account can easily be lost in the social media network.

It is important to understand that people judge an online store’s presence through Instagram. Instagram platform for a couple of seconds by the avatar. It is important to understand that even if a brand already has a logo, it’s crucial to alter it to Instagram. While doing this I recommend adhering to a number of guidelines.


If a logo for a brand is oversaturated, or has a few minor details, when displayed when displayed on a tiny display, it’ll become a messy mush.The primary rule of thumb is to be simple.


If it’s unclear from your logo or brand name the kind of products or services you provide, you stand the possibility of not identifying your potential customers. The likelihood is higher for a user to click on your site if your logo is as accurate as it can be of the services you offer.

The correct message

Let’s face it, it only takes 5 to 10 seconds to make a person interested in a logo by itself. If the logo for the brand is dull and gray, homogeneous and boring, the company itself won’t stand a chance. chances even with the most effective SMM strategy. Everything is important, starting with to the color scheme to style of presentation.

In fact, commercial accounts usually have faces, since this creates trust. However, this strategy is only applicable to companies that have a manager who will be willing to be the persona of his brandor has ambassadors.

Development algorithm

When designing or adapting a logo to this platform as well as regular monitoring of the market and competitor research it is also important to be aware of the following aspects:

Easy to present

To make sure that the logo displayed on the platform doesn’t blend into one spot, and doesn’t appear to be an like a overloaded>>-like mosaic it is recommended to stick to the following method:

  • not greater than 2 or no more than three colors;
  • not more than 2 geometric forms;
  • not more than one illustration.

Brands with a long history can restrict their branding to a single logo or font. For companies who are just getting established, it is important to explore these subtleties to create an expanded but less cluttered logo.

Focusing on the price segment

In along with the basic message>> the logo should hintto the price range that the company is in. This can be achieved by using color as well as fonts and an element.

If, for instance, the logo is straightforward There’s a good chance that the wealthy customers won’t even be able to notice the difference. If your company is selling inexpensive Chinese items for middle – or lower-middle-class It is not advisable to create a extravagant an image. There is an opportunity that customers who are in the same price bracket are likely to scroll through the site but not go to it.

Overall appearance Instagram is the first thing to consider. It is an image-based social network and, unlike else, visual or aesthetic dissonances are not permitted. This means that, in addition to the logo (which may not be as efficient or appear ridiculous when the overall look on the page is not appealing) It is also important to pay attention to the overall design and, ideally the branding identity of the online profile.

Instagram’s logo Instagram Where can I order

The logo of the Instagram account is the official business card of the brand of a personal or business. To increase your USP and to add a unique touch to your profile and differentiate yourself from the rest, you must to leave the design of your logo to an expert. Studies demonstrate that logos that feature illustrations of a celebrity or blogger are more memorable than photos of ordinary people. Let’s think about a current issue How do I order an Instagram logo Instagram?

You can design a basic logo with special online software or by using graphic editors. However, it is recommended to delegate the task to a freelancer or design studio.


It is important to select an expert – it’s important not to pick the first designer to be discovered on stocks. Consider the recommendations of acquaintances, read reviews of the expert on the Internet as well as request the portfolio. This will allow you to be certain of the high-quality of the freelancer’s work.

Design studios

The most effective method is to reach out to the experts of the branding agency or design studio. They will study your target customers, your competitors as well as the value of your company (or the details of your profile, in the case that the logo is designed to promote a personal brand). Based on the information and the purpose of the business or blogger the design team will create various logo designs.


Of course, in a variety of ways, choosing the logo for Instagram should follow the area of work, as well as the competition in the market for consumers. While a stunning logo is an issue of personal taste, a clear and efficient logo is one of professionalism.

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